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This is a Roleplay Site featuring a futuristic City, Liberty City, set in the year 2085. The City has come under the rule of an oppressive ruler, Chancellor Belladar, who has a vendetta against Supers, people with unnatural abilities. There are some Supers that are viewed as evil, Villains, but there are those few Supers that are helpful to the community. Heroes. Which of these will you become?
Our Site plays like a mix of an MMORPG and a Tabletop RPG. We have a large location available to you, with an environment controlled by a Staff Member. They'll control everything not owned by you, including NPCs, the environment, and battles.
If you're interested, click Register. If you have any questions, our Questions/Suggestions/Feedback Forum is Guest Friendly.

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Latest News
Discussion: Future Site Direction
Posted By: Werewolf Link @ Aug 6 2014, 03:36 PM
Over the past month, Vandy and I have been hard at work discussing the future of Heroes Vs Villains. Vandy has had some... radical... suggestions for the site's future direction.

It has now reached the point in our discussions that I need other's feedback. These changes could change the entire way Heroes Vs Villains has operated since day 1.

Currently, HvsV operates on a system comparable to an MMO. We have Levels, gained by doing Quests, with Items, Powers unlocked through Leveling, Upgrades, etc.

Vandy has suggested we make the Site a bit more Freeform. Modding will still stick around, but we will remove some of the more MMO based elements: Levels being the biggest one. Missions would still stick around, and would give rewards, just not Mission Credits.

Powersets would still be kept. But Levels would not be there. Powers would be unlocked through alternate means, such as completing a few Missions, or through rigorous training.

Items would still be kept, but we would try to avoid the Store system. Instead, a conversion of Dollars to Credits would be created, so normal items could be purchased by a simple math equation. Uncommon items, such as weapons, would be given fixed price points. Items would be kept in your Character's Thread, which you would have to keep updating as needed.

A Stats system has also been discussed, but truthfully, I'd like to implement this system whether or not we change from MMO-based to slightly free.

Please post any and all feedback in this Thread. If you agree with a change, please say so. And if you disagree, please say why. Neither method is set in stone, and I won't say whether or not I favor one or the other.
Most importantly, ask questions. I'll answer any I can, and Vandy will cover the rest, since he has more insight into the possible transition. ... [more]
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Updates 2014: Independence
Posted By: Vandy @ Jul 13 2014, 08:50 PM
Hello, all, Vandy here. There are several changes in the works right now, so I would like to take the moment to describe exactly what's going to happen, what help we need, and I'm also going to pose a few ideas to you all to see how you feel about it. Please let us know if you have any ideas, and feel free to comment on this post.

Lore Expansion

It has been a year since Belladar has been ousted from government, and Chancellor Collins has been active in that time, though his actions, and the actions of prominent groups inside the city have gone undocumented. Coming soon are updates to the site plot, and changes that will be felt by all players.

District Updates

Since the defeat of Chancellor Belladar, Liberty City has expanded in size. The constraints of the district system- where inter-district travel was challenging, especially to Supers- were lifted, and now the districts are only so in name. In fact, the districts, growing prosperous since the crackdown of Belladar, have each grown into their own city, operating independently, with their own revenues, police forces and populations. However, inter-district trade is at an all-time high, and goods manufactured strictly in one district can be found in any.

To correspond, the boards for every district are going to be enhanced, increased, and expanded. The districts are going to move to a more macroscopic scale, with more opportunities to go to unique locations during your travels. Staff is currently working on this, but any help is appreciated. If you have any ideas on the identities of the five districts, any ideas for locations, and any ideas in general for this, please let Link, I, or another staff member know through private message or conversation on the chat-box.

Faction Updatesmore]
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