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It is now Nov 25 2014, 04:25 PM.
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Latest News
Posted By: Vandy @ Oct 14 2014, 12:09 AM
Quite a bit going on in my mind. This post is going to be the foundation for the v18.0 project; a place to clear up all my thoughts, and a place for you all to speak your mind about what I have going on. Well, let's get on it!


The first installment of the new game will take place entirely on a small chain of seven islands, covering roughly 300 sqkm. It is based off of the Republic of Malta, a small nation south of Sicily, but I am debating whether or not to actually have it take place there.

At the time of release, the islands are undergoing a civil revolution. A large percent of the population rose up in protest of the unpopular government- on release, the rebels will have complete control of two small islands, and several cities on the mainland. The nationalist forces, however, retain air and naval superiority, regardless of the number game played. This will make the conflict rather fairly balanced- a weaker majority rising against a stronger minority.

Players will take one of various roles available at the beginning of the game. To start, membership will be limited to only supers. Since we have so few members, it is best to keep you all rather connected, not dispersed through the game. You will have three main options: be a nationalist, be a rebel, or be utterly neutral with your own agenda. There will be two or three nationalist/rebel groups each, to present a spectrum of moralities and goals.

((Locked for now, will allow commenting when completed)). ... [more]
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New Updates
Posted By: Vandy @ Oct 10 2014, 10:22 PM
Hey all! Hope you're enjoying the fall. Good summer, yes?

Sincere apologies for the stagnant activity of these last few months. I am dedicated to continuing the progress that I committed to, though; Heroes vs Villains 2.0 (or 18.0, I think) will be released. It will be complete and ready by no later than November 25th, a date I'm committed to honoring, though at this rate it appears it will be out sooner rather than later.

The release edition will be significantly watered down; meaning, not all features will be fully implemented upon release, and will instead be gradually updated until it is all up to speed.

The following features will be available upon release:

- An aesthetically-appealing skin, with a new banner and unique color scheme.

- A few codes, including: a chatbox, side tables, a character-template code (more on that later), and several other small side codes for monetary systems, reputation, etc.

- A new landspace for players to play in.

- Semi-functional Reputation/Faction system. Will not be fully-fleshed.

- Semi-functional monetary system.

- Fully-functional powerpool system. Will not be completed; only base powers will be released.

- An updated character template that expands on creative potential.
-- Limits placed on mythical/supernatural supers; emphasis placed on expanding personality, morality, etc. Spandex-class supers only for release; possibility to expand later.
-- New requirements for character creation.

- New guides for how to play our game, how to thrive in our environment, etc.

- A new system of modding.
-- New roles for mods; new responsibilities for mods.

The story will begin on a small island country that is in the starting stages of a revolution. Your characters will take active role in the conflict, joining either with the rebels, the nationalists, or other side roles. What you do will set the stage for the rest ... [more]
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