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This is a Roleplay Site featuring a futuristic City, Liberty City, set in the year 2085. The City has come under the rule of an oppressive ruler, Chancellor Belladar, who has a vendetta against Supers, people with unnatural abilities. There are some Supers that are viewed as evil, Villains, but there are those few Supers that are helpful to the community. Heroes. Which of these will you become?
Our Site plays like a mix of an MMORPG and a Tabletop RPG. We have a large location available to you, with an environment controlled by a Staff Member. They'll control everything not owned by you, including NPCs, the environment, and battles.
If you're interested, click Register. If you have any questions, our Questions/Suggestions/Feedback Forum is Guest Friendly.

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Latest News
Advertisement Challenge
Posted By: Werewolf Link @ Jan 9 2014, 06:37 PM
We did this once before last year, but I plan to have these be a monthly thing. Prizes will be awarded monthly to both the person who has the most Advertising Points (AP) and the Member who successfully recruited the most Members.

At the end of 2014, the Member with the most AP, and the member who successfully recruited the most members will receive the Grand Prize, their choice of either making one existing Character Lvl 10, or unlocking a 3rd Hero/Villain Character.

How it Works

This Challenge is very simple.
-Find a Roleplaying Site that allows Guests to post Advertisements.
-Type up or use the provided Advert I've typed up (found below) and post it in the appropriate Board. (The Advertisement Board ONLY)
-Copy the URL to the Advert you posted, and paste it in a Notepad/Word Doc. Remember to save frequently.
-Keep doing this.
-You earn 1 point per Advert you post, that adheres to the rules.
-You earn 5 points for every Topsite you enroll us on. In addition, at the end of the Month, and every month following it, you earn 1 point for every 10 Upvotes it has.
-At the end of the Month, PM me with all of your URLs. Be sure to distinguish between Adverts and a Topsite.
-At the end of the month, points will be tallied, and the Top 2 will earn the Month's Prizes.
-Whichever Member successfully recruited the most members will also earn that Month's prize, and a bonus.

  • ONLY post in the Advertisement Board of a Site.
  • DO NOT Register for a Site unless you plan on actually joining it. If the Site does not have a guest friendly advertising board, then skip that site.
  • ABSOLUTELY DO NOT: Advertise on a Shoutbox, send Private Messages, or post anywhere that is not the Advertisement Board.
  • Your Advert must contain a summary of the Site and a URL to the Site, as well as your Username on our Site.
  • Breaking Rules will cause that Ad ... [more]
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Winter Specials
Posted By: Werewolf Link @ Dec 23 2013, 02:13 PM
Now that it is officially Winter, the Store can see the return of a few items!

The Snowball and Present Trinkets have returned to the Store, just in time for the holiday!
A new item has appeared: Christmas Cookies! Chow down on a seasonal delicacy, and enjoy a Buff along with it.

In addition, another new item has appeared in the Store: The Winter Express Ticket. There are 5 of them in the Store right now. After these 5 are bought, another will be added in a week, and so on until the end of Winter.

Finally, the Santa Berries have been added to the Store. This cute fruit is a Salvage item (You know, whenever that feature gets released), but it's also the currency of the North Pole! Use it to buy exclusive items at the North Pole, including the Site's first ever Mount!
You can only buy 2 in the Store, but you'll also receive 1 for every day you claimed in the 12 Days of Christmas Promo, plus 1 extra for days 10, 11, and 12!

When Winter ends, these items will once again be removed from the Store, so stock up!

Also, don't forget about the December Deal!
During the month of December, in order to better foster the idea of Characters roleplaying together, any Squad that forms will receive 100K Credits towards the purchase of a Squad Base. ... [more]
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