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Fresh News
Posted By: Vandy @ Nov 25 2014, 11:47 PM
Hey, all. I want to give you a quick update on the current progress of where we stand, how close we are to release, and what's going to be featured upon release. We're close enough now where I can concretely tell you what will and will not be on, and that's pretty exciting isn't it?

I'm going to preface this update, however, with a personal update. I don't intend to excuse myself or give a sob story; I want to explain what's been going on and why this is taking so long.

For starters, I've had some recent personal issues that have kept me from being motivated. I've been conquered recently with a bad bout of anxiety and depression, and it's being a jerk. As well, my health has not been well. It's taken a toll on my productivity.

On the positive side of things, music is occupying a lot of my time- but that isn't necessarily good for maintaining such an extensive forum.

I'm not giving up; don't get the wrong idea. Thanksgiving break this week will allow me to take a break from taking a break ((that's a lot of breaks)), and I already have outlined what I want to accomplish over my long weekend. Once my health returns, I'll dedicate more than a few minutes. But, I hate to say it, this does mean release will be postponed. I don't feel confident with giving a solid date at this time.

Now, let's get on with the positive stuff.


I'm truly excited for all the features available on release.

Upon joining HvsV, you will be able to morph your own character in a multitude of ways. You may do the norm, and use a template to create your character before beginning to play. This template will have a few optional captions and areas to write whatever you wish, to fully flesh out your character before joining in whichever way you choose. Or, brand new to HvsV, you may start up a roleplay with relative freedom in creating your character, crafting their pers ... [more]
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Posted By: Vandy @ Oct 14 2014, 12:09 AM
Quite a bit going on in my mind. This post is going to be the foundation for the v18.0 project; a place to clear up all my thoughts, and a place for you all to speak your mind about what I have going on. Well, let's get on it!


The first installment of the new game will take place entirely on a small chain of seven islands, covering roughly 300 sqkm. It is based off of the Republic of Malta, a small nation south of Sicily, but I am debating whether or not to actually have it take place there.

At the time of release, the islands are undergoing a civil revolution. A large percent of the population rose up in protest of the unpopular government- on release, the rebels will have complete control of two small islands, and several cities on the mainland. The nationalist forces, however, retain air and naval superiority, regardless of the number game played. This will make the conflict rather fairly balanced- a weaker majority rising against a stronger minority.

Players will take one of various roles available at the beginning of the game. To start, membership will be limited to only supers. Since we have so few members, it is best to keep you all rather connected, not dispersed through the game. You will have three main options: be a nationalist, be a rebel, or be utterly neutral with your own agenda. There will be two or three nationalist/rebel groups each, to present a spectrum of moralities and goals.

((Locked for now, will allow commenting when completed)). ... [more]
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