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> Riverdale, Locations & Factions
 Posted: Aug 31 2015, 03:06 PM
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To some, Riverdale is seen as the dregs of Rose Hill, where all the sludge drips down and collects at the bottom of the hill. To others, however, it is seen as a loving home, where you can get together with friends at a flea market or buy homemade anything, from anywhere. A huge shift from the industrialized and urbanized markets of Rose Hill and the Heart, everything made here is made by hand or close to it. The White River splits the section in two. To the north of the river, things have a more home-y, 1960's get-together feel. To the south of the river, it feels more like a wrong turn down the street and you've now landed in North Philly. The two sections dilute and mix with each other, so gang activity can be found north and happiness can be found in the south, the divisions become more clear cut away from the river.

Criminal activity in this region is diverse and true. There is everything featured in different regions, from thieving clubs, to gambling rinks, underground fighting, money laundering, gun, drug, and human trafficking (though the latter in very limited quantity), and prostitution. Gang activity is scarcely cracked down on in this region, since the Council has the philosophy that outlawing it completely would bring it underground, where it's much harder to keep track of. So, instead, they allow the gangs to stay active and above-ground as long as the drugs and guns don't injure the general public. The last shooting that injured an innocent bystander resulted in the complete destruction of the guilty group.

Known Factions stationed here:

- LCPD: Regular foot police. Includes Fire Department, Medical Services and other similar needs.
- Liberty's Kings and Queens: Largest gang of the region. Provides services for the people, but are constantly in conflict with the other main three. Endorsed by members of the Council.
- The Flames: Second largest gang of the region. Most technologically advanced: several scienctist members, craft their own robots and defenses for bases, and have spy-cams or miniature robots across the City.
- Dragon's Tail: Third largest gang of the region. Whispered to be backed by heads of the largest corporations. Led by "The Dragon", a shapeshifting Super with some degree of telekinetic powers. Least violent of the three.
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