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Posted by: Manthanysus Feb 3 2016, 11:18 PM
So I used to have two characters on here.

One was Shard, who I used very frequently and had credits built up for. She was the character who I started out with, and I believe that she was in around level 6-7 in her Ice Power Set. It has been a long time since I used her last, and I'm not sure where I left her at all. I'm also not sure how to bring her back with the new power set rules, but I would like to. Can anybody explain the process or point me to some forms?

The other was a vampire who I actually don't remember the name of without looking her up. I would like to discard this character completely, but I also don't know where I left her. Of course, I would save her information first, especially since I like her photo and actually sketched out an altered version of her dress a few years ago, but I'm not sure how to go about getting rid of her.

Dot is only a character for the side-roleplay, not the full siteā€¦ so I don't think she relates to any of this.

Posted by: Werewolf Link Feb 4 2016, 03:21 AM
All old content from before the WIP new setting has been moved to a board marked Old Content. All of this older content is no longer current, or considered canon to the new storyline. So, your Characters past threads are no longer relevant.

I have found your vampire Character,

Your other Character, Shard, doesn't seem to have ever made it to this site. It looks like she was part of the old IPBfree website, which you may recall shut down without warning.
This is what I was able to find of her from our manual backups that we posted on the even older Proboards site (Damn I remember the time consuming process of that.)

You are free to reuse or tweak either of these Characters for the new Roleplay format, should we manage to bring that back. New information for the new format can be found

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