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Jan 3 2014, 07:35 PM
Sep 11 2013, 07:47 PM
Thioris rolled his shoulder as he surveyed the area "This looks like a shady enough part of the district. I'm sure I can find SOMETHING to keep me occupied."
Aug 4 2013, 03:50 AM
Thioris approaches the complex, looking over the building as he makes his way to the door.
Jul 27 2013, 09:20 PM
Thioris sighs as he strolls about the streets of the district. "There has to be something to do around these parts."
Jul 26 2013, 11:31 PM
Identity: Thioris Dalenger
Known to Public As: Thioris Dalenger
Race: Human-Cyborg
Alignment: Villain
Starting District: North
Pic or Description:
(Arms and from the hip down is Robotic)

Ral Zarek is property of Wizards of the Coast.
Powers: Master Engineer
LvL 1:
Cyborg - [Passive] You are a Cyborg. Your arms, the left half of your chest and from the hip down has been replaced by Robotic Implants. Your body is naturally more durable and some status effects are lessened by the Implants. (Ex. Freeze wont cause hypothermia, but will still freeze up the area.) An electric shock will cause your body to seize up (the fleshy bits) and shut down (other) effectively stunning you for 1 round in compound to other electric based stuns. (Enemy stun wears off. Now waiting for Body to respond.)

Engineer's Goggles - [Passive] You don a pair of goggles that of which helps you keep track of your various gadgets. (Mine Currently Deployed, TH-0 in bad condition, Flare expiring soon, Etc.) When an enemy is marked, you are able to see their location through the goggles.

Flare Shot - [Offensive] Fire off a Flare from a custom made device, impact on an enemy causes damage. Upon impact of an object the flare stops and produces a source of bright light. Level5: Optional rigging to Explode for AoE. 1 Round CD, Three times per encounter.(3)

LvL 2:
(Flameable) Disorenting Gas Grenade - [Offensive/Debuff] Toss out a gas can that lets out a disorenting gas in a 7ft Diameter. The gas causes a minor blind(blurred vision) and Fatigue I. The gas can be ignited to cause an explosion(7ft Diameter). Level5: The grenade is now fitted with a Spark Timer that can be set to ignite the gas after a set period of time. 3 Round CD, Twice per encounter.(2)

LvL 3:
Cyborg's Strength - [Passive] Adjusting the servos in your arms and legs has allowed you to be able to manipulate objects with a force of up to 250Lb Level5: Up to 350 Lb

Power Origin: Robotic
Weight: 182
Height: 5' 11"
IQ: 130
Age: 32
Weakness: Electricity. This can cause his Systems to shutdown for varying periods of time.
Fear: Water in mass. He never really was a good swimmer and all this extra weight isn't helping his case.
Infamy: Lvl 1


Thioris was born into a family of wealthy mechanics, all
living under the same roof. His entire life was learning the ins and
outs of anything, and everything, mechanical. At the age of 5 he was
already greasing gears tightening bolts, and by 9 he managed his
first creation. During his childhood he was mischievous little
brat. In his Teen years he wasn't quite the socialite as he opted to
tinker and toy with his gadgets. Among family members he was an
aspiring prodigy to their family lineage, a master at his art...And
yet, He was never quite fond of his family.

Adulthood came around and he had reached new heights in his
mechanical prowess. His workshop was a variable armory of clockwork
and electricity, truly a sight to behold. He had gained the
attention of a crime ring desperate for a rise to power and demanded
he created weapons for them. Thioris was happy to let his creations
out into the city, let everyone know the power that his hands could
bring into the world. Late one night, when he was expecting another
visit from his contacts, he set a trap. A group walked into his workshop,
and with a flash of light only Thio walked back out grinning.

Two months after the incident and there was no word from the
criminals. Early one morning he awoke to the putrid smell of burning
flesh and oil, The house was ablaze. Dashing through the halls he
kept low and watched as fire lept from his relatives rooms. He turned
the corner just in time to see his mother and father, attempting to
pull their cousin out from under a burning bookcase, all be crushed by
the falling wreckage that was his home. He was shocked, he actually
felt for them, but it was short lived as he was nearly crushed himself.
He sprinted his through the house until, just as he was reaching the
main doors, there was an explosion mere inches away from him.
The force caused him to black out.

A week passed and he finally wakes up in a laboratory. One
could hear a persistent hum of electricity and a multitude of
various toned beeps. "Your finally awake! Good to see the work
hasn't gone to waste!" Spoke an oddly cheery nurse. "That blast sure
did quite a bit of damage to you! But thanks to modern medicine we
were able to to keep you alive and well!" Nothing felt right,
nothing felt at all really, aside from a slight tingling in his
chest. "Just as soon as we're sure you can pay, we'll let you and
your new body free into the city once more!"  There was
indistinguishable murmurs and then suddenly the electric hum
stopped. His body suddenly had weight, a lot of it, and he still was
unable to move. "Alright now all we have to do is link the new parts
to your old parts, don't worry this'll only hurt a lot!" And without
much warning the nurse pulled a lever. The intense amount of pain
made him scream agonizing cries. Shortly before the process ended he
had blacked out once more.

        After some unknown amount of time Thio was woken up, informed that
the funds had been drawn from his families account, and escorted to the door.
As he looked outside through the windows the lady at the front desk put on a
big fake smile and stated, "Welcome back to Liberty city." 
To this day he never found out if any of his family survived. To this day, he still doesn't care.
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