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Jul 29 2013, 03:16 PM
lvl 1
2nd Gear- [Buff]The User's body systems quicken, temperate raises, his strength increase a little and he gains heightened speed and reflexes. all his enemies see is that his body goes blood red and steam is raising from him (15% strength/85% speed and reflexes) or so

lvl 2:
Bio Claws- (Offensive)The User changes the DNA in his hand, his hands grow into big black claws with red markings all over them.

lvl 3:
Genetic bone armor- (Defensive)At the command bone(non skeletal) seeps through the User's skin like gooey water; than it hardens into boney shell that's harder than steal and soft at joints to allow movement. The weight slows down the User because it weights 2/5 of User's own.

lvl 4:
Cellular Regeneration- (Healing/Passive) After receiving a good amount of damage the User's body regenerates at the cellular Lvl quickly to stop some of the major injuries, than slows to finish fully.

lvl 5:

lvl 6:
3rd Gear- (Buff)This give an even boost of strength and speed and allows the User to heal small bits at a slow pace. (45% strength/45% speed/10% heal) or so same as 2nd gear just a lot more steam
Jul 29 2013, 09:09 AM
Identity: James Phatomhive
Known to Public As: Bio-master
Race: Super
Alignment: hero
Starting District: east
Pic or Description:
Powers: in the making.....

Power Origin: Mutation
Weight: 150
Height: 6' 2''
IQ: 108
Age: 27
Weakness: James' weakness is that he gets cold easily.
Fear: James fears he will lose everyone he cares about.
Fame/Infamy: Lvl 1
Backstory: When James was young he lived it a house in a forest far away from Liberty City. He spent most of his time outside with the animals and plants learning their ways; his favorite animal was the wolf. Luckily for him there was a pack in the forest; sometimes he would live with them for a day or two. His parents put him through harsh marital arts training and home-schooled him so he could survive alone. One day he was playing with a wolf it bit him; this activated a dormant gene that was completely unknown to James. The next few day went from happy to agonizing pain and confusion. About month after his 12th birthday he woke to find his house destroyed like a monster had been there; he find his parents dead in a gruesome state. He fled Liberty City after this and stayed there until present day.
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