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Jul 29 2015, 05:07 PM
Lvl 1
Planetary Empowerment- [Passive] The User gains access to the energy field of planets, warping this energy how he sees fit. The energy provides higher intelligence increased athletic ability. The User can also use the planet's gravitational pull to his advantage, enabling him , and small objects, to hover small distances above the ground.

Gravitational Power- [Offensive] The User can alter the forces of gravity, and can send a powerful, concentrated blast of force in any direction. It does recoil slightly. 1 round CD.

Lvl 2
Pressure- [Offensive] The User can create an immense amount of pressure on an area, affecting all people in the area. Their mobility is greatly affected, making it difficult to move anything. The User must have view of the area affected. It stays active for a max of 5 rounds, but can be deactivated. CD equal to twice the number of rounds used.

Lvl 3
Anti-gravity- [Defensive] The User can create a wall of energy around him or another person. Anything that passes through the wall is suspended into the air, stopping it in its tracks. 5 round CD

Lvl 4
Magnetism-[Passive] The User alters the magnetic field of the Earth, allowing him to lift all magnetic objects in the vicinity and use them at his disposal. 10 round CD.

Lvl 5
Planetary Bond- [Buff] The User gathers the powers of all energies and living things on the planet, and harnesses them into immense power. The User can now hovernhigh above the ground and emit pressure on locations so great, that the ground quakes, causing immense damage. 1day CD
Jul 20 2015, 10:38 AM
The Doc walks through North districts metropolitan streets, headed towards the old mans house. I wonder what this old dude did you anger Santiago..., Pedro thinks. Whatever it was, it was worthy enough to end his elderly life. The Doc smiles at the thought. Maybe I'll start by melting his face. The Doc grins.
Jul 19 2015, 12:22 PM
Pedro approaches Laser Street, looking for the building marked in the envelope.
Jul 19 2015, 09:12 AM
Pedro swings open the doors to the WDPD, and pauses to take in the scene. He has been idle for quite some time now. [I]Feels good to be back[\i] Pedro thinks. He is eager to continue his work for west district. Pedro looks down at his trusty companion. "Stay here Ace, okay boy?," he says, motioning for Ace to sit. He approaches the person at the front desk. "May I see Officer Jones?"
Jul 18 2015, 06:13 PM
The Doc strolls into the black market. He is tired from walking around the city, and occasionally drags his feet. Damn, I wish I could find my father...., the Doc thinks. He looks for Santiago's mansion.
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