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Aug 5 2012, 09:05 PM
Arcanite charges into the battlefield taking in whatever the scenery might be. He waits for his enemy to enter so they may begin the fight. He was all business today.
Jul 28 2012, 01:22 AM
Identity: Arcanite

Known to Public as: Arcanite

Race: Space Werewolf/Super

Allignment: Villians

Starting District: West

The Inter-dimensional Space Werewolf

Blood of the SpaceWolf- (Passive) Has the keen senses of a spacewolf with smell, hearing, sight and enhanced reflexes.

Plasmic Claw- (Offensive) As the User rapidly swipes the air he sends a high powered blast of interdimensional energy with a wide area of effect and a range of about 15 feet. (splash damage) (2round CD)

Power Origin: Endowed

Weight: 250lbs

Height: 7'6ft

IQ: 105

Age: 10,000

Weakness: Silver

Fear: Claustrophic (small spaces)

Infamy: Lvl 2(+1 Mission credit)

Backstory: Ten thousand years ago two galaxies collided in a massive explosion. Both galaxies were destroyed leaving only a small condensed form of multi-Dimensional energy. This was discovered by the space gods and was formed to become a great Warrior of time and space. This Solider of Dimensions was known as Arcanite, the Inter-dimensional space werewolf. He was created to do the bidding of the space gods throughout all the dimensions. He was loyal to them. He served them hand and foot as he spread through time and space like a plague of destruction.
But Arcanite grew tired of doing the dirty work of the petty space gods so he rose against them in glorious battle. He cut down everything the gods threw at him with the Mighty Blade of Dimensions, the sword that granted Arcanite with infinitesimal power. He had slain many of the gods with that mighty sword. The King of the space gods grew wise as he realized that the sword was the source of Arcanite’s power so the King met Arcanite on the plains of battle to fight him.
The battle was glorious and the raw energy of the fight shook the dimensions. The king found an opening and took it. He hit the Sword of dimensions out of Arcanite’s hands and sent it flying through space and time. Arcanite was down and as the King was about to deliver the killing blow he stopped. He had created Arcanite and treated him as a son. He could not strike him down. Distort by his emotions towards Arcanite, the king wiped Arcanite’s mind and exiled him to travel the dimensions.
Arcanite traveled the dimensions not knowing who he was or where he came from, he just goes off his instinct to destroy and move on. With everything he destroyed he regained his strength and some of his weaker powers. He is strong but not as strong as he would be if he had his sword. If had only known about who he was he could be searching for it but he just wanders the dimensions aimlessly. He tries to remember his past but he has no hope of regaining his memory unless the space gods deem him worthy enough to serve them again.
Arcanite Finally made his home on earth in the year 2085. He had decided that earth was suitable to his craving when he sided with the villains Shade and Deadoak. He met them in Liberty City and they befriended him. They were the first beings not to run or attack at the site of him. He fights alongside them as they rampage Liberty City.
Jul 11 2012, 04:26 PM
Level 1:
Blood of the SpaceWolf- (Passive) Has the keen senses of a spacewolf with smell, hearing, sight and enhanced reflexes.

Level 2
Plasmic Claw- (Offensive) As the werewolf rapidly swipes the air he sends a high powered blast of interdimensional energy with a wide area of effect and a range of about 15 feet. (splash damage) (2round CD)

Level 3:
Interdimensional Tear- (Travel) The space werewolf claws through to another dimension and can reappear where ever he wishs in the city within a 5 mile radius of where ever he opened the tear can get lost until level 5.
(can take 1 ally with user) (5round CD)

Level 4:
Stasis Field- (Defensive/offensive) the Spacewerewolf howls loudly releasing interdimensional energy freezing everything in place (except the spacewerewolf within a radius of 20ft for 1 round ( 3 round cooldown) (must be grounded)

Level 5:
Space Conditioned- (Passive) Through countless years of torrment and agony the spacewerewolf has gained wings through which help him navigate through the dimensions with ease and can be used to glide moderate distances and the ability to breathe in areas that lack oxygen for long durations of time(10hrs).

Level 6: Battle Dimensional Shifting-(Offensive/Defensive) The spacewerewolf has perfected his abiltiy to move between dimensions and now can now use a form of Interdimensional Tear in battle. the space werewolf can only use this ability only for offensive and defensive purposes and can be used to teleport anywhere within the battlezone to strike, evade or surprise attack enemies. (Use once per encounter)

Level 7:
Sonic Shift- (Offensive/Defensive) the space werewolf shifts between dimensions increasing speed 50% and high chance for enemy to miss attacks, but decreasing his own damage by 35%
(CD 4 rounds)

Level 8:
Dimensional Healing- (healing) allows the space werewolf to put himself and allys into an interdimensional tear locking them out of combat and use of abilities for 3 rounds and making them impervious to damage while and scattering them through out the city.
(cooldown 48 hrs)

Level 9:
Claws of Might-(Passive) The spacewerewolf can now channel his interdimensional energy into his limbs making 3x's stronger and his claws glow with interdimensional energy allowing them to cut through objects as strong as steel.

Level 10:
Hyperspace Wolf-(Offensive/Defensive)The Space werewolf shifts between all dimensions simultaneously which puts him on a higher plane of existence increaseing all his ability powers by 100% Last 3 rounds is fatigued afterwards(CD 7hrs)
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