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Aug 10 2012, 03:19 PM
Lvl 1:
Enhancement – [Physical Buff] The user gains accelerated speed and reflexes.

Lvl 2: The user gains intensified endurance and increased strength.

Lvl 2:
Appearance Transforming – [Passive] The user can change their appearance to the last seen NPC. Can be used only 3 times in one day. It has a 10 minute CD until it can be used again.

Lvl 3:
Eye of the Devil – [Defense] The user has the ability to see what the opponent will do on their next turn. This power can only be used 3 times per day. It has a 5 round CD until it can be used again.

Lvl 4:
Fire Creation – [Active] The user can create fire whether it comes out of the mouth, palms of the hands or soles of the feet. The ability to create fire can be used once per each encounter.

Lvl 5:
Heat Healing – [Healing] The user can heal them self by being in hot temperatures. Has to be 100+ degrees Fahrenheit or more. The user will heal every day in the summer season if it is 100+ degrees. The healing power can be used as many times in one day as the user wants. It has a 5 minute CD until it can be used again.

Lvl 6:
Demonic Claws – [Offensive] The user's hands transform into burning hot claws. Can be un-transformed.

Lvl 7:
Wall of Fire – [Defense] The user can create a huge wall of fire up to 20 feet tall. It has a 15 minute CD until it can be used again.

Lvl 8:
Flight – [Passive] The user sprouts wings and can now fly. These wings only come out of the user's back when they want to fly. The user cannot attack during flight. It has a 10 round CD before the wings can sprout again.

Lvl 9:
Skin of the Devil - [Passive] The user's skin becomes a hard shell of dried magma. This skin is impervious to most attacks, but is weak against ice or cold. Once the power is used it cannot be undone unless the skin comes off by the means of ice or extremely cold temperatures. It will regrow in a weeks time. Also, the users original skin will remain the same if the Skin of the Devil falls off.

Lvl 10:
Black Fire – [Passive] The user creates a dome of black fire that surrounds the user and his/her enemies. It is pitch black in the dome because the fire absorbs all light. The user can still see inside but the enemies are blinded. If anyone but the user touches the fire they get a third degree burn instantly. This dome has a radius of 50 feet. This black dome stays up for 10 minutes max. It can only be pierced by ice. This power can only be used 1 time per day.

Hidden Powers:
Power Name Here - [Type of Power Here] Power Description Here; what it does, how it buffs or debuffs the user, the cool downs etc.
Aug 10 2012, 02:23 AM
I was on Google and saw a site called, it looked awesome, and it had a pretty big powerset library. It said the site moved here and I came here to see there was barely any powers. How do I get a powerset that I actually want to use?
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