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Sep 18 2012, 10:12 PM
Lvl 1:
Quiet Steps- [Passive] You do not make sound when you move or breath, even if you’re running through puddles or up a staircase. Always used unless negated by enemy or user.

Lvl 2:
Sleep- [Offensive] Enemies affected by sleep are deeply asleep and are difficult to wake up by conventional means. High-pitched noises and attacks wake them. Only affects one enemy at a time and enemy is imune to it for rest of battle. Usable twice per battle, 3 round cooldown between uses in battle.

Lvl 3:
Draw Map- [Travel] By touching any solid, more or less flat, surface, make lines appear from the tips of your fingers that form a perfectly accurate map of the area within 25 feet from you with vague locations of your enemies and allies within 8 feet from you. This will draw all levels of a building, over each other, and while you'll see the meaning, others may not. Usable once every two hours.
Lvl 3: Draw a map of an area up to 50 feet from you with enemy and ally locations clearer within 12 feet from you.
Lvl 5: Draw a map of an area up to 100 feet from you with enemies and ally locations clearly visible up to 14 feet away.

Lvl 4:
Aerobatics- [Defensive] User is able to do a flip to dodge enemy attacks. 2 Round cooldown.

Lvl 5:
Cure- [Healing] User can heal minor wounds and ailments caused by attacks.
Lvl 5: User is able to heal more serious wounds, but can only be used twice every hour and when outside of battle.

Lvl 6:
Poison- [Offensive] Usualy causes vomiting and dizzyness. Usable twice a battle, only affects one person.
Lvl 5: Slows the reflexes, causes internal bleeding, dizziness and damages the muscles. Usable once every battle, only affects one person.

Lvl 7:
Observing Painting- [Passive] By placing a painting of anything with eyes anywhere, you can at any time choose to see what that picture is looking at. Up to five different paintings can be used, one at a time. Active when user states location of picture. Deactivates on will.

Lvl 8:
Drawn World- [Travel] You can draw an entire world, which you can enter or leave at will, by walking 'through' a drawing or painting that is at least large enough to step through. People can join you if you wish them to untill you decide to come out or kick them out. If the original drawing is destryoed, the people inside would be trapped inside unless some one draws a room from the real world. If there are two or more of the same paintings, you can travel between them as long as none of them are blocked by anything. Usable once every hour.

Lvl 9:
Deep Cover- [Passive] You are undetectable from heat signatures, power detection, and your face doesn’t show up on camera. Used only on missions or when you're known to be in danger and inactive if negated or currently shapeshifted.
[Shapshift] You take the appearance of an individual, obtaining their accents, ticks and a handful of their more important memories, and your clothes become their own. The amount of what you gain depends on how close you have been to that person, for instance, if you only have seen a picture, you gain their apperance, but if you were to talk to them you'd gain their speach patterns and in person you'd gain their exact appearence, gestures, and, if you touch them, their memories. Lasts for 12 hours, or until you take your normal appearance. You must have seen the individual, even if it was only a picture. Usable once a day.

Lvl 10:
Final Attack- [Offensive] You kick and punch your opponent at the speed of light, possibly breaking your opponents limbs and or internal organs. Can be used once per oponent, and has a 7 round cooldown.
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