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Always get out of the way of a charging werewolf
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Jul 30 2015, 10:53 AM
Lvl 1:
Gargoyle Fighter- [Passive] The User is a master fighter when it comes to hand to hand combat, and also very well trained to use many weapons, such as swords, knives, axes, and such. The User is able to throw the weapons with great aim, nearly never missing.
Gargoyle War Axe-[Summon] The gargoyle calls forth from the heavens his mighty war axe, causing a bright flash of light around the users hands. It is a holy object, crafted by the finest gargoyles from the heavens. Only the User can use it, and he can call it, or make it depart whenever the User pleases. When hitting a demon or undead, damage is tripled.

Lvl 2:
Gargoyle Strength- [Passive] The User is now twice as strong as an average human, able to lift up 200 pounds. User can punch more furiously, adding a harder hit on impact.
Light Blast-[Offensive] User fires a blast of holy light at an enemy of up to 20 feet away. Does moderate damage. To Demons or Undead the damage is tripled, and far more stronger. 2 round CD

Lvl 3:
Gargoyle Durability- [Defense, Buff] The users skin becomes harder and stronger for 2 rounds, making laser bullets do minimal damage. Blades bounce off the users body, not harming him as much as they normally would. 3 round CD, after users skin turns back to normal.

Lvl 4:
Gargoyle's Claws- [Offensive] The users fingers turn into claws, can be used to slash at enemy's or climb. Stay out for 2 rounds. 4 round CD

Lvl 5:
Gargoyle Transformation- [Shapeshift] A bright, blinding flash appears around the User, blinding enemies in the area. As he Shapeshifts into a full 100% gargoyle. In this form, the Gargoyles war axe Doubles in size, giving the User a wider range of use with it. The User grows wings and long, sharp fangs. His skin turns silver, and is now as strong as metal. blades almost do no damage while in this form, however laser weaponry does moderate damage. His strength is doubled. His claws are double in size, and are razer sharp, able to cut through almost anything. User gains 200 pounds. Takes one round to shapeshift. Lasts 10 rounds. 10 round CD after transformed back to a human. Gargoyle Strength is not applied in this form, and Gargoyle Durability can't be used.
Flight-[Transportation] While in Gargoyle form, the User is able to fly up to a maximum of 100 feet.
Jul 25 2015, 09:36 AM
Oberon walks down the streets of Sourh District, walking towards the very large Coliseum. He has a big smile on his face ready to take on any opponent that they might throw at him. But the question is will he kill his opponent when the time comes. He'll have to do it in the future so he might as well start now. But to end a life... Oberon shivers at the thought. I wonder if I would be considered a Super or a Gargoyle if they ask me the question when I register... Well since he doesn't even know how to transform into an actual gargoyle yet, he'll just stick to the Super identity for now.

When he gets close enough to the coliseum, he looks around for a way to enter, hoping that there won't be any big crowds or a popular event for the night that will make Oberons fight look like child's play.
Jul 21 2015, 10:28 PM
Oberon follows General Godrick to his apartment so that they can have a safer place to discuss the past. Oberon opens the door and enters the apartment."So, which way to your apartment?" He asks, Godrick.
Jul 20 2015, 10:25 PM
Rhomus makes his way to the blackmarket, slowing down to a light jog as he enters the area. Man... I'm out of shape. Rhomus stops jogging and bends over, putting his hands on his knees as he takes a short break. He takes a few deep breaths and then realizes he has to get back to warning his master. He quickly gets back up and makes his way to Santiago's mansion.
Jul 19 2015, 11:22 AM
Rhomus casually walks down the sidewalk of North District, trying to keep a sort of low profile as he makes his way towards the direction of where his boss ordered him to go to."I can't wait for the pain and suffering I get to bring on these fools who messed with my master." He says out loud softly to his self, giggling afterwards. He looks around the area that he has been sent to
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