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Jan 3 2013, 12:19 AM
Identity: Adalgiso Haggis
Known to Public As: Arctic
Race: Super human
Starting District: East
Pic or Description: A 6 foot tall Man with broad shoulders, muscular arms and legs. With flat stomach (not having a 6 pack abs but not having pudgy/spare tire belly) Along with pitch black hair and blue eyes. Wearing a plain white short sleeve tee shirt and tan shorts.

Artic Chill
lvl 1:
Sub Zero [Passive] The cold does not bother you as your immune to things such as hypothermia. Although it'll not slow you down it won't increase anything either. However it won't prevent one from being frozen in a block of ice if unfortunate enough to happen.

Chilling breath [Offense] A cold chilling breath freezing what is in front of you/attempt to short range. 4 round cooldown. Frozen until thawed out or 2 rounds in battle. Targets who were frozen cannot be frozen again for 6 rounds.

Power Origin: Mutation/Natural
Weight: 200 pounds
Height: 6 feet
IQ: 112
Age: Preserved age 25 actual age 125.
Weakness: Extreme heat radiation (like above 103 degrees F)
Fear: Molten Lava
Fame: Lvl 1

          Adalgiso was born in the Swiss alps lived a fairly normal life. His parents were professors world renowned at that. By the age of 5 his parents notice their son had super powers more specially Ice powers. And under went study finding a mutant gene in him. While searching for some explanation of why this would happen, they continued raising him teaching and learning how his powers could help. Mainly defend himself against those who would extract this gene and give themselves super powers. By the age of 15 he knew German, polish and English, however tragedy struck somehow it leaked, that this boy had super powers. On a skiing trip a massive avalanche occurred killing both of his parents. A natural cause, expect that what set it off was a bomb. Adalgiso later found this out. An Investigation of his own began.

          Adalgiso didn't have to look far for long to discovered what happened. A Gang hunted him down under orders by what became the most elusive Master mind of all time. While continuing his investigation at the same time trying not to get killed, looked everywhere even questioned the members who tried to take him in. Their reply? They don't  know they're just grunts. 6 months passed Now 16 He traveled constantly helping where he could, Camping out with one eye open. As to his investigation he turned up a name or Alias he should say. The alias who was responsible of killing his parents and trying to capture him was Blue Magma.
As far as he knew Blue magma ruled this mafia like gang through generals who controlled a section. Each general  laced with explosive nano chips inside them. It was rumored that not only did this one have super intelligence but lava powers as well.  How does he know this during a part of his time consuming investigation learned of this gang through a weasel in the underground. Things would soon take a sudden turn however at age 17. Where he meet a girl about his age. That he helped saved from a burning building, due to unknown causes.  The official report read that it was a gas leak and a match that set it off. This girl named Sarah did however side track him for a bit. Unknown to him that she suffered from multiple personality disorder. Although she had only one other personality, she was normal. Blue magma was chatting to a general wearing a mask of that of a blue flame when Adalgiso stumbled across the villain's where about.  As he was bulldozing through the grunts they stepped outside face to face for the first time. Or at least to each others knowledge. Blue magma smiled upon this opportunity  as he made a discovery. Blue magma was a Girl although it was a sight shock it was always presumed that Blue magma was a guy. An epic battle soon went under way using powers (up to lvl 5) the mask fell off revealing her face Sarah. "Sarah?" he asked in surprise "Who?" She replied. The battle take about an hour before Arctic could entrap and freeze her. Later the disorder MPD became apparent. Sarah went saw a shrink at the asylum. A device which neutralized the other personality's powers was thought to be a prototype used by liberty city in the modern word.  

   Arctic was 19 continuing his heroic journey never settling down. Even teamed up with two other heroes on a couple of occasions. Around age 21 he got married and settled down to prevent enemies from reaching him and his wife they retreated to the arctic. The hero act went about to a dead stop (powers up to lvl 10 now). One day coming back to the house with some fish learned his wife was kidnapped by blue magma. She was back madder and more powerful than ever. What made even worse was that his wife was pregnant and was near to giving birth. They had made plans to head to the hospital. Blue magma kept Arctic away long enough to steal his son. However his wife Auroa died during birth of their son. His son who wasn't given a name had the same mutant gene he had. Teaming up with the other 2 heroes went into a full on attack on her fortress made of ice in the north. The others thought he snapped with the stress of it all. However went with the plan. Before they took her down she implemented the last part of the plan sending out a strong electromagnetic pulse to erase her existence of records through computers the rest of her gang burned all paper records of everything. As Chaos ran rampant everywhere. She had something bigger planned however was stopped short by Arctic. The loss of his parents wife and son stolen were enough to make him snap for that moment. She fired a strange gun as he was yelling where is my son. She had caught him off guard. As he blacked out. Falling into Icy cold waters which soon put him in a Glacier. The strange was supposed to make him powerless, however it merely put it back to lvl 1.  For some time afterward the period known to the rest of the world was known as "The Crisis" where crime and violence ran rampant. It's purposed fulfilled destroying evidence  of Blue magma's existence  as well as his existence. As for the other 2 heroes they died during the battle. The only evidence of either existence  are only found in the modern world of the present through myths passed on through time, if any existed. Arctic was trapped in Ice due to his subzero power it didn't kill him just put him in a state of suspended animation. Over the course of time his icy prison broke off thanks to an earthquake. It'd eventually reached the shores/harbor of Liberty City. Where soon he'll have to call home.
Dec 23 2012, 08:43 PM
lvl 1:
Sub Zero- (passive) The cold does not bother you as your immune to things such as hypothermia. Although it'll not slow you down it won't increase anything either. However it won't prevent one from being frozen in a block of ice if unfortunate enough to happen.

Chilling breath-(offense) A cold chilling breath freezing what is in front of you/ attempt to short range

lvl 2:
Arctic water-(offense) blast a stream of icy cold water at a target. 40 degrees F minus 10 degrees when using this power at night. When this power is lvl up minus 5 degrees (40 F day time use) per lvl.

lvl 3:
Ice shield- (defensive) Cover your body head to toe in ice. Having complete mobility (think of Iceman from the x men) Every lvl. up it will not only become denser but ridged/ angled (think geometric shapes or ridged ice berg/glacier.) This setup will sometimes cut an attacker due to the edges. When power reaches lvl. 5 it can deflect/reflect energy attacks like a mirror.

Lvl 4:
Banded Gunnel- (passive) Ability to breath underwater and swim 5 mph. add 2 mph per power lvl.
Ice beam- (offensive) Blast an icy cold beam freezing your target from long range.

Lvl 5:
H20 portal/ teleport- (travel) Use any existing h20 to travel to a world of water where the exits (shown by a mod) will be sufficient h20 will be (if spot of your travels is not in eyesight) This part can be only used every 2 rounds 5 round cool down. In eyesight range (or 15 feet in battle) simply point A then B in order to travel. This part can be used every 3 rounds 2 round cool down.

Note: This power works similar to Mirror Masters power to travel though mirrors

Lvl 6:
Winter snow- (healing part 1/ buff part 2) part 1 The weather around you drops to 25 degrees F as snow falls healing you. Part 2 When your lvl.7 and this power is lvl.5 your powers are amplified times 3 (lvl of the power times 3) lasts for 5 rounds cool down is 4 rounds.

Lvl 7:
Cool down- (negation) Were you stand manipulate cold air in a 10 foot radius slowing down long range attacks to a halt falling flat of reaching you. add 2 feet for radius per lvl of this power.

Lvl 8:
Glacier- (offensive) Freeze enemies into a thick glacier within range 10 feet in radius. Ice gets thicker per lvl of this power.

lvl 9:
Snowy winter- (debuff) A thick snow fall (not a blizzard just thick) dropping the weather around you to 10 degrees F making your target slower, less agile, shivering in the cold. Mod will decide if hypothermia happens. minus 2 degrees per lvl. of power.

lvl 10:
Ice storm- (offensive) dropping the temperature to -20 degrees F you create a blinding storm of hail, sleet, snow. with winds up to 20 mph. May only be used once a day (in rp time) one day cool down (or would it be considered a warm up couldn't resist) per lvl of this power minus 2 degrees F and add 2 mph
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