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Posted by: Nuhaine Aug 30 2015, 11:06 AM
General Information
Identity: Marcus Salvo
Known to Public As: Dr. Creed
Race: Human
Alignment: Villain
[url=]Mind Manipulation[/url]
Powers: Dr. Creed has control over the basic electrical impulses in the brain that he utilizes to manipulate minds. Energy is drawn from social contact and then stored within. His abilities are executed as if they were a sixth sense, something extremely natural to him. He's most powerful when his manipulations are numerous.
Power Origin: Mutant
Class: Dominator
Experience Level: Lvl 1 and 0XP

Appearance and Personality
user posted image
Disheveled, unkempt, but clean - Dr. Creed has never had to worry about his own appearance beyond hygiene. His face is slightly wrinkled, that of a man in his late thirties. Bags underneath his eyes are the tell-tale sign of an insomniac though most would never see them due to his abilities. To others, he's usually someone entirely different.
Weight: 141
Height: 5'10"
IQ: 140
Age: 38
Personality: Dr. Creed is driven by necessity. He must feed on social manipulations and emotion. Because of this, he's a bit crazy. He's the kind of crazy that you won't know about until it hits - he can perfectly mimic a sane individual, but he has ulterior motives in the form of feeding. If his hunger were ever to be curbed, he might have a chance at redeeming himself morally. However, it's just too strong for him to fight back against.

Dr. Creed is a psychologist, which is something of a misnomer considering his mental health. That said, he's trained himself to isolate and then mimic personalities. He's always there underneath the surface, but it's as if he's become someone entirely different. Perhaps surprisingly, he sometimes believes his own manipulations and gets far too into the role he plays and becomes emotionally attached.

Philosophically, he is quite open. He understands culture to be a force that shapes and drives people, and he's always open to new ideas and perceptions. He can be quite driven, putting his mind and body towards a task until it's solved. He has very little to fear save for his own death, but there are a handful of things he will irrationally or perhaps rationally, to him, avoid. He fears isolation and sleep, knowing that such things leave him incredibly vulnerable.

Likes: Toying with people, their reputations, and so on. Satiating his hunger. Consuming knowledge.
Dislikes: The feeling of the hunger from his powers.

Deceive [Shapeshifting] - For up to an hour, everyone around will perceive the user as another person or creature the user has met before of his choice, complete with clothing. This extends to cameras, scent, and sound (voice). It is only a deception, as there is no actual physical change. It stays active until the user is knocked unconscious, and may be used again to change form. Basic wearable objects such as clothing and small weapons can also be made apparent. Actual weapons can easily be hidden underneath the illusion, such as firearms. The power works on people and cameras by latching on to the image or contaminating their minds with residual energy, so the illusion will become flawed if too many people view it at once due to the power being overloaded. Things will begin to look off such as hair, clothing, eyes, height, build, and so on.
Beguile [Offensive Debuff] - Magically convince one other to believe information given to them regardless of the evidence, or command them to perform an action for you. Weaker wills may be converted into unwitting thralls after multiple uses. Relies on the victim being able to hear the user, and may be used through voice communication devices.
Extract [Offensive Buff] - The user hijacks the electrical impulses of the brain through several seconds of uninterrupted physical contact with a target, briefly stunning them while he extracts their memories. This allows the user to better understand occupations, develop new skill-sets, and discover secrets. This ability takes the full concentration of the user, and other actions cannot be taken while doing so.

Strength: -6
Power: 4
Defense: -2
Evasion: 0
Accuracy: 0
Health: -6
Stamina: -6
Speed: 0
Charisma: 5
Wisdom: 0
Intelligence: 1

Skills and Weaknesses
Professional Psychologist [Knowledge] Before discovering his latent mutant powers, Marcus attained a doctorate in psychology. He knows people. He knows just what to say, at just the right time to bring people to their knees. He can tell when they're afraid, or bluffing. He is also capable of performing hypnosis on those who are willing, extracting information from them with ease. His knowledge of the mind allows him to fake facial expressions and control his heart rate, which can be used to fool a lie detector test. If you need a shrink, he's one of the best.
Skilled Impersonator [Expertise] His knowledge of the mind has developed into an ability to quickly study and then mimic those he impersonates. He knows to find out pertinent information such as social circles, responsibilities, and personality traits. A masterful actor, slipping into the shoes of another comes easy to him.
Perceptive [Expertise] Very little escapes the gaze of Dr. Creed. He has good night vision, for a human. He can pick individual people out from crowds, and notice the smallest details. He can put together evidence into a picture in his head relatively well, giving him insight into past conflicts.

Socialite - Dr. Creed is addicted to his own power, which comes from social contact of any form. It may put him at unnecessary risk if his smooth talking goes awry or works too well. If deprived of social contact, his power may weaken considerably.
Insomniac - Dr. Creed is exceptionally tired most of the time. He is vulnerable to abilities that drain stamina or cause sleep such as hypnosis.

Isolation - Dr. Creed's greatest fear is to be completely alone and unable to see other people for long periods of time. This stems from his addiction to his own power.
Sleep: An insomniac, he struggles to find sleep or places to sleep where he feels safe. He always fears someone will find him in his sleep, and he knows that his ability to be perceived differently does not function when he's asleep. He is most comfortable when he is in control, a control freak.


Dr. Creed's life began in a hovel of a home on the eastern side of the city. He was pretty normal as far as kids go though he had an unhealthy envy for supers. He would often joke about discovering his latent mutant powers one day, though deep down he wished it were real. He didn't expect his powers to manifest the way he did, and it wasn't until after he graduated college after working several jobs to pay his tuition that he began to slowly uncover more about himself.

He believes mutant powers manifest based on knowledge and personality traits. He reasons this based on his own experience, discovering that his powers were of manipulating others when he had spent many years of his life studying those around him. It was almost as if his mind had evolved to suit his needs on the fly. At first he underestimated his powers, as he had always imagined them to be something more flashy or destructive.

At one point in time, he had good morals. His powers came with a hunger, and this hunger twisted him and drove him mad after a bout of severe depression. He didn't know how to satiate his hunger - he didn't know it had something to do with his powers. Now, he's a bit wild. He is a creature driven by his own baser instinct - the demands of his powers. And the demands are strong, resentful of his own stray thoughts that he might be going too far.


Posted by: Vandy Aug 31 2015, 06:31 PM
Keep away from "demonic entities" granting you powers. No demonic entities exist yet in this universe, keep things semi realistic to begin with and then we can start adding in other dimensional beings and what not. The "blessed" power origin is locked for now. Deceivers' Mask is a little strong for a starting ability- it shouldn't be indefinite, and it shouldn't be foolproof. Add complications, such as getting too close will reveal Creed's true appearance. A thought, are you tricking people and making them believe you're different, or are you actually becoming a different image?

I don't think tricksters feet should go farther than 50 ft. Instant teleportation to a spot you "mark" would be best.

Only change you need for sure is to put a restriction of deceiver's mask. The rest would be good to really build your character; unlock more distance as time goes on, and so on. Just slightly overpowered but nothing disastrous.

Posted by: Nuhaine Aug 31 2015, 08:23 PM
Dr. Creed is now a mutant.

One of his weaknesses was changed, and his powers were renamed.

I added a flaw to deceive, as well as a duration and elaboration of perceived vs physical. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to add cooldowns.

The theme of the character means the travel ability didn't seem quite right. I came up with a new ability to replace it.

Posted by: Vandy Sep 3 2015, 03:53 PM
I'd like to offer a suggestion for a twist on your character. Not sure what exactly you have planned, or if you do, but with a character like this there is room for some interesting adventures. Memories and identities could grow obsolete and vague after some time, or the characters he steals and controls gradually morph together and blur. Could also lose own identity and memories, completely forgetting fragments of his own personality and taking the role of one of the stolen identities. Plenty of fun MPD to be had.

Posted by: Nuhaine Sep 3 2015, 05:15 PM
Yeah, I definitely figured that consequences to his powers could be discovered through RP in terms of memory and identity. I really appreciate that you liked the character enough to offer suggestions. Thanks!

I'll see if I can write some of this in at some point.

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