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> Kevin
 Posted: Jul 9 2014, 05:37 PM
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Group: Members
Posts: 12
Credits: 3,000
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Member No.: 41
Joined: 13-September 12

Status: Offline

Awards: None

Identity: Kevin

Known to Public As: Dorito Ninja

Race: Human

Alignment: Villain

Starting District: East

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Dorito Ninja


Lvl 1:
Dorito Ninja- [Passive] The Dorito Ninja is very stealthy, and he is very quiet and makes barely any noise. Is also a very good climber. You also have unlimited Dorito ninja stars.
Dorito Ninja Star - [Summon] Summons a Dorito ninja star. It is very deadly and can not be eaten. Is as strong as steel. The Dorito Ninja has very good accuracy with this and almost never misses. 1 Round cd.

Power Origin: Mutation

Weight: 179

IQ: 100

Age: 21

Weakness: Fire

Fear: Phagophobia (Being eaten)

Infamy: Lvl 1

Backstory: I'm not sure where I was born, all I know is that my parents left me in the woods behind a Dorito factory where I fell into a retention pond full of radiated Dorito juice. I was eventually saved by a family of wolves who raised me and made me what I am today. The radiated Dorito juice affected me in what I think is a positive way because it gave me special powers that I use to terrorize innocent people. Than I decided it was time to leave my "family" and live as a regular human in Liberty City.

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