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Posted by: Werewolf Link Sep 15 2015, 03:40 PM
The Red X's are one of the Gangs in Rose Hill. All Red X's wear dark clothing and hockey masks that have been redesigned to look like a skeleton face, the same ones worn by The Skulls, but adorned with a large Red X somewhere on the mask.

The Red X's were created by the previous 2nd in Command of the Skull Gang. After an unknown disagreement, she left with a few other Skulls, and created the Red X's.

The Red X's only motives are stealing to get rich and claiming territory, specializing in drugs and arms. They graffiti their large Red X logo on any building they claim to be in their territory. The Red X's have no powers, and are all only Human. They use weapons they've stolen to bully and intimidate, although they aren't afraid to kill.

They're enemies with the Skull Gang, who also occupy Rose Hill. The two gangs are in a Turf War, which affects the people of Rose Hill negatively.

Posted by: Werewolf Link Sep 15 2015, 03:42 PM
Notable Figures

Rachel Thomas
Race: Human
Age: 21
Rachel Thomas was the eldest of 3 siblings, all girls. Rachel never liked to be girly. She despised the color pink, playing with dolls, or styling her hair. She preferred to play outside, exploring the woods behind her house. She's broken her arm twice.
When Rachel turned 18, she moved to Liberty City to find a job. Unfortunately, she couldn't find one. Without money, she had to live on the streets. It was there that she met a boy named Icarus. He had a great proposition for her, to take what she wanted, for the good of their group. A group he called The Skulls. With little choice, she accepted.
The two worked well with each other for a year, becoming close. But a disagreement came up between them, what it was neither will say, but Rachel left The Skulls with a few others, and started her own group, The Red X's. She and her members painted red x's on their Skull Masks, signifying their end.

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