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Posted by: Vandy Dec 31 2015, 05:11 AM
Hey, all! So, it's been a while since there's been any activity in this neck of the woods, and I figure it's high-time to try and make another attempt. This time around I wanted to start something small and easy, just to get the ball rolling. In this forum, there's gonna be two threads. One for the introduction and character creation (this one), and one for the RP. If you want, you can start right in the roleplay before making a character, but if you'd like to prepare beforehand you're more than welcome to. This thread will feature exactly 0 moderators or game masters, or anything of the sort. I'll give warnings here and there if anyone tries to blow up the entire globe or kills off other characters in their posts, but I'm sure there won't be any incidents.

Rules (and tips):
- Don't control other player characters. You can control the environment, the past, things of that nature, but every player has complete control over his/her own character that they created. If you're going to interact, talk with the other player through private messaging or on the chatbox to make sure they're okay with whatever you're doing.
- Improv! Don't be dead-set with your idea, be open to other's ideas and feelings. The story is completely open-ended, and is NOT canon in the Heroes Vs. Villains Universe that we're all so familiar with. Try to let things go their own path, don't force anything.
- Spend plenty of time fleshing out your character, give your input for the story and steer it in a different direction, play with flashbacks and narrative devices. Think of this as a little novella that several people are co-writing.
- Most importantly, have fun! And that's about all I have to say about that.

It'll be a basic plot. We'll start with just a simple template, and build off of that as the separate characters come into action and start to meet up. Again, don't be afraid to introduce a twist, and try to interact with each other!

The Plot:
A group of super-powered individuals in the City ((Why the hell not?)) are brainwashed by an intellectual mastermind who goes by the name of "The Professor". These brainwashed supers had acquired powerful and influential positions in the local government, as leaders of gangs and businesses, and as cultural icons for the people. The group of brainwashed Supers created the name "the League", though many in the City call them "Tainted". After being brainwashed, the League put the City on lockdown, rounded up the other well-known supers to either lock them up or force a conversion, and imposed a strict martial law, with many citizens and workers too frightened to oppose them.
Our story begins a week into the lockdown. You'll take control of a single character (super-powered or not), and all characters will join up, eventually, to help take down The Professor and his League.

Character Template:

Name (and/or Alias):
Appearance (Pic and/or Description):
Summary of Powers:

Posted by: Vandy Jan 2 2016, 02:54 PM
Name (and/or Alias): Gregory "The Shadow" Thomas

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Appearance: Gregory Thomas is a shorter-than-average male, standing at 5'1" on a good day. His size and physique give him a childish appearance, which is befitting; he hadn't grown for over a decade. Though he can grow facial hair and could easily exercise to give him a more grownup appearance, he sticks with clean-shaven and skinny. When he dons the Shadow's attire (a black hooded cloak over leather armor), his mystery makes up for his minuscule size.

Personality: Hailing from many separate foster homes after suffering abuse for years from his biological father, Greg has a torn mind and a resistance to pain. As a result of continued drug use, his already ill mind can turn violent and reactionary through slight provocation. Despite these crippling weaknesses, when Gregory is at ease he is congenial and friendly, though reserved near the point of being shy. His dark outlook on life leaves him limited remorse. He does not attach easily to other people, for fear of abandonment, and he kills easily if the cause is, in his mind, just.

Summary of Powers: The Shadow's powers all revolve around- you guessed it- shadows and darkness. The Shadow can shift through walls and "teleport" to a nearby location, as long as he remains in the darkness through the travel. He can conjure sounds and visions of shadows to haunt others, and he can craft sentient life from shadows, though it takes much concentration to summon them. Followers last until they're destroyed, or until he becomes too weak.

Backstory: A long 27 years have shattered the child and forged a hard, unyielding man. Greg was born into the world in the winter, during a cruel blizzard. His mother died during childbirth, and her death left Greg in the hands of his biological father, a man left without love or forgiveness. After her death, Greg's father Jeremy sank into a depression, within which he passed himself between countless vices, such as drug abuse, gambling, trading of illicit goods and services, and a long period as a hitman after his debt to a local mafia required he either pay in money or blood- the former of which he was lacking.
Jeremy's career as a hitman forced him out of home, away from Gregory and his other four children. The five stuck together, despite age differences and the average sibling rivalries, and helped feed and defend each other. When Gregory had turned 7, the five of them ran away from home and started traveling the streets, stealing and begging and living in boxes, shelters, and abandoned buildings. They migrated around for several months, becoming friends with many other homeless and assisting local gangs for money or food, until they were caught by the police and placed in a foster program. The five siblings were split up by the adoption agency and put into separate homes, on claims of criminal intent and mental instability. Gregory had the least luck finding new, supporting parents. His wild, uncontrollable attitude put a strain on all foster parents, who sometimes found that using the belt or locking him in his room would teach him a lesson.
With nowhere to turn, he had gone and run away once more, which is when he had discovered his abilities. During an altercation with a police officer, he had accidentally teleported through the shadows, and destroyed nearby street lights in his rage. He fled quickly, and has been on the run ever since. The Shadow has been roaming the streets for 12 years, trying to survive, and trying to impact the world in whatever positive way he can. He has several hideouts scattered through the City, and a number of friendly contacts and suppliers, including grocery store clerks, scientists, a politician or two, and his siblings, who are all inclined to the same dark arts but have all led much more stable lives, including family, careers, and psychiatric assistance.

Posted by: Manthanysus Feb 2 2016, 10:56 PM
Name: Bella Joanne Doppler (Dot)

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Appearance: Dot is a short girl at 5 feet, who has a tendency to wear dotted or lace shirts with torn light blue jeans. She has dyed auburn hair and light skin, which burns easily in the sun. Her eyes are a piercing green. Dot wears several silver rings on her fingers, and a cat pendant around her neck.

Personality: Dot is fairly quiet, and tends to stay clear of others unless necessary. She sits on the sidelines watching the action and changing the course of events through small alterations. She enjoys messing with others, but is not a direct threat.

Summary of Powers: The Doppler Effect. Dot changes the present moment slightly by creating a rift in reality. She can increase the sound of a screeching car, or create ripples in reality after someone touches an object. She can control other people's perception of their surroundings by changing the environment, but she can't influence what is actually happening solely through her powers.

Backstory: Dot moved to the city when she was 20. She rented out a small apartment on her own, and sold fake goods for a living. She would set up a vendor with various pendants and charms visible, and charge steep prices for the goods, then would shift reality upon purchase to make it appear that she had given the person the item when it had never left the table. Many people came looking for her, but they found that they would become disoriented every time they approached her apartment.

When the lockdown began, Dot hid in her apartment and shifted reality to hide her apartment from view. From the outside, it looks like the wall of an alley.

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