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Posted by: Werewolf Link Sep 15 2015, 03:37 PM
The Skulls are one of the Gangs in Rose Hill, taking up residence primarily on the west side. All Skulls wear dark clothing and hockey masks that have been redesigned to look like a skeleton face.

The Skulls' only motives are stealing to get rich and claiming territory. The Skulls specialize in drug trafficking. They graffiti their Skull logo on any building they claim to be in their territory. The Skulls have no powers, and are all only Human. They use weapons they've stolen to bully and intimidate, although they aren't afraid to kill.

They're enemies with the Red X Gang, who also occupy Rose Hill. The two gangs are in a Turf War, which affects the people of Rose Hill negatively.

Posted by: Werewolf Link Sep 15 2015, 03:38 PM
Notable Figures

Icarus "The Swift"
Race: Human
Age: 19
Backstory: Icarus "The Swift", real name Icarus Daniels, is the leader of the Skull Gang. Icarus was an orphan, and has never known his father. He was adopted by a very religious family as the 7th child, and the only male. His adoptive parents tried to force the Lord's words, but Icarus never believed in it.
Icarus had a very rebellious teenage years. It started as simple pranks at school; a pipe bomb here, graffiti there. Icarus was nearly expelled three times, but his adoptive father always persuaded the principal to keep him enrolled. Icarus' rebelliousness kept up until he turned 16, he was caught robbing a jewelry store. He was imprisoned in juvy for a year. Upon release, he never returned home. He had no home. He lived on the streets, recruiting other young teens with rebellious streaks in them, and together, they formed the Skull Gang.
Icarus' nickname is "The Swift" because of a special pair of hoverskates he stole from Marcone Industries. The skates were a prototype, and Icarus has the only pair. They allow him to hover off the ground at high speeds. Icarus has been recorded at speeds as high as 50 MPH.

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