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 Posted: Sep 1 2015, 02:58 PM
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1. Respect and Etiquette
Be courteous to your fellow RPers and try not to disrupt the RP as much as possible. If you'd like to discuss something concerning the RP it's preferred to do so through private messages, or in a separate discussion and planning thread if one is available. Posting OOC within an RP is fine, but try to keep it to a minimum, or as part of your IC post. If you plan on leaving an RP for whatever reason, please have the common courtesy to write yourself out of it, in character. This is important because if you didn't, anyone who had been interacting with you would be stuck because you failed to give them a reason, in character, to progress without you.

2. No Godmoding/Power Playing or Metagaming
This is regarded as the ultimate low in RPing and is not only disrespectful, but is also unfair. Godmoding could entail either an RPer controlling other people's characters without permission, performing closed ended attacks or creating a character that is seemingly invincible.

Metagaming, while similar, is a bit different. When someone metagames, they are reacting to events and characters using out of character knowledge. An example would be knowing another character's name despite your character never having met them or having any prior knowledge about them. Another example would be knowing the enemy's next move by reading it in a post the owner of said enemy character has made. These are things that you are not supposed to know in character, therefore, these things should not affect the way you RP and should have no bearing on your character's actions because they do not have any knowledge of these things.

3. Basic English is Your Friend
Proper grammar, spelling and punctuation are a very important part of RPing, not only as a way of better describing and communicating to other people your intentions in a post, but also as a way of improving your language skills. Most Internet browsers in this day and age come equipped with spell check. If yours for whatever reason doesn't, write your posts out in Office.

4. Content is More Important Than Volume
RPers don't expect a four page English essay for a post, but at the same time, they don't want to see one composed of one or two sentences. The content of your posts is the most important thing, as it shows your character reacting to the world around them and interracting with the people around them in as realistic a manner as possible within their personalities. It's important to put some effort into your posts to make them believable and a lot easier to understand and react to. If your posts don't convey much then you shouldn't really expect people to take you very seriously in an RP. Plus, it will impact you negatively when earning EXP.

Common Terminology

Roleplay (RP): A game in which a person takes on the role of a character, or characters, and acts out in a story or battle. Think of it as collaborative storywriting with other people.

Character: The player's character used in the RP.

Non Player Character (NPC): A character not owned by any player.

Out of Character (OOC): Talk between RPers when they are speaking as themselves and not the characters they play. Examples of how one can differentiate this between other RP text are (paranthesis) or ((double paranthesis)), sometimes preceded by "OOC". This can be used for discussion and questions.

In Character (IC): Text used when the RP characters are speaking, usually between "quotation marks". We also welcome and encourage characters have unique text colors used to discern them from other characters.

Types of Roleplay

New to Heroes vs Villains, we are now allowing members to choose their RPing style from thread to thread. You must specify in each thread's Topic Description which of the 3 Roleplaying type's you'll be using. There are times when you will need to be in a specific category, but other times you will have an option and that is up to the player.

Game Master: The moderators of the past generations. Game Masters post after the player in a single-player thread, or after every “round” of players in a multi-player thread. They have complete control over the environment, NPC’s, and how your character’s actions affect the world. The player has control over their own character’s actions and thoughts, unless hypnotized, poisoned, injured, manipulated, or otherwise impaired by an outside force. The Game Master is required when fighting boss battles, or during certain plots. Most useful during solo threads, or group threads while doing something such as raiding an enemy base, or patrolling the city; anything with a big environment that could experience much rapid, unexpected change. A unique RP experience based much on the way Dungeons and Dragons is played that presents a continual back-and-forth between player and GM, so things will never turn out as the player hoped/expected.

Story Teller: A relaxed version of a Game Master. They are not required to post after every Round of players. Story Tellers mostly serve as an impetus for action. They will introduce new NPC’s, mix up the dynamic of the thread, and add ambiance to the story where needed. However, they will not control all NPC’s. NPC’s will be divided generally into two categories- restricted and open. Restricted NPC’s *must* be controlled by a GM or Story Teller, while open NPC’s can be controlled by players. Story Tellers will keep a watchful eye over a thread, and impact it whenever they wish, but will rarely have a continual, strong pull on the story. Most useful for groups of players who want some manner of control over the environment and tell the story as they wish, but also want to have the spice and excitement of an unknown, omniscient and omnipotent third-party that can completely alter the story or only add in a little flair where needed.

Freeform: An independent form of playing. You are given full control of the environment and NPC’s. This is how most other roleplaying sites operate, and we’ll try our hand at it for once in the universe. This mode is best during a solo thread where you want to develop your character, or during a dialogue between two or more PC’s. Mods will keep a very close watchful eye on Freeform threads.

**For the ST and FF options, moderators can still call players out for breaking any rules, such as godmodding or power-playing amongst many other things, to the point of restarting whole threads. While you’re left mostly to your own devices, realism needs to be maintained. Your character cannot go up against an army alone and walk out unscathed, and you won’t suddenly know how to fly. Understand that while you’re left to enjoy the roleplay experience as you wish, you are still subject to the rules that keep the game running smoothly. Any additions you make to your Character or gain during your thread must be approved by a moderator.

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