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Posted by: Fro Sep 17 2015, 09:33 PM
There was an odd tugging within the confines of his chest, telling him to keep walking, keep moving. Previously he considered that he may want to go back the downstairs room with the one, tiny window, and the safety that a repetitive routine gave. But he had tasted just a bit of freedom and what was beyond those walls, and now...

Maybe, Grey supposed as he halted for a second and allowed those walking behind him to pass by, this was why he had been confined to that tight space. His Creator didn't want him to feel these feelings, hear these sounds, taste air that was no longer stagnant. Was it out of selfishness or pure loathing of his creation, or because it was easier to control those that knew nothing better.

His thoughts lingered on a man like that, while he continued his movements aimlessly along the creaking boards of the docks. Grey still desired that connection to someone else, though he was still coming to terms with admitting it to himself. Minutes, or maybe hours before, his hand brushed unintentionally against the arm of a person passing by. It felt like electricity had passed from his fingertips. Grey had a moment where he swore he knew that woman personally, and that he owed her some debt, some service.

The moment passed, yet the aching desire to fill the debt did not. It was a hunger pang in the pit of his stomach that would only recede if he indulged it.

But he wouldn't just choose anyone.

Lifting his eyes up around, he found himself next to a large boat being unloaded, the sun moving hurriedly to sink behind it. Night and day meant nothing to him yet, but without the constant flow of consciousness and unconsciousness of his former life, he felt the weight of his limbs starting to drag him down. His search was going poorly for the first day...

Posted by: Requiem Sep 17 2015, 10:42 PM
Darting amongst large crates, Angel was doing her best to stay out of sight. The cargo ship she was currently hiding on was in the process of being unloaded. This provided a rising sense of panic, as she could not yet see an opening to run across onto the docks. Her cover was decreasing, and she was being forced to the far side of the ship.

As much as she wished to fight, there were way too many people working, there's no way she'd be able to make it through them without injury or someone alerting the police. Smuggling herself into this city was not proving to be the best idea.

The large steel container she was ducking behind lurched suddenly. They were lifting it up and she would be exposed. A quick peek around the edge of the container showed a few members of the crew closing in to examine the contents before moving.

It's now or never.

Angel dove off the far edge of the cargo ship, plummeting quickly towards the water. Reaching out a hand to stabilize herself, she was a lot closer to the ship than originally expected. Knocking the hull while spiralling herself towards the water. With a second to spare, she was able to use quickening to drop beneath the surface without a splash.


A couple minutes later, she pulled herself to the top of a nearby ladder. Her clothes were soaked. Grumbling to herself, she pulled her thick jacket off and dropped it to the ground. The blade wrapped in wet cloth on her back pulled uncomfortably against her t-shirt and the holster from her pistol pulled against her side. Her hat was lost into the harbour as well.

She grumbled to herself. "Damn city."

"Damn boat."

"Damn ocean."

"Damn do I want a hot shower."

She rung out her clothes and hair as best as she could then started to slowly wander off. Leaving her jacket in a wet puddle.

Posted by: Fro Sep 18 2015, 07:37 AM
Grey was curious, as the last containers came down to the safety of land, if that would be the final ship for today, or if they would continue coming in all through the night. Scratching his head, the last dockworkers in this section scattered, dispersing out and leaving him there to his thoughts. It was very odd to him that these massive things moved across large bodies of water to and from...where? They seemed much too heavy to float and people felt safe enough to even travel with them. Crates and containers were filled with something that must've been valuable, given the journey they just took.

'For something meant to valuable, there isn't many men here to keep it safe.'

There still was the lingering issue of finding somewhere to rest, He had very little indication about where was safe and where he should avoid. Each closed door and shut blinds hid the possibility of a safe haven but also of hostility. Perhaps one of these docked ships would offer some solitude, but he feared waking up and finding himself surrounded by water...

As he spoke his eyes fell on an odd human that had seemingly decided to just into the cold water this late in the day. Thoughts about shelter were replaced with thoughts about what would possess someone like her to do that. Was there any enjoyment to be gained by submerging yourself in it? Was there something beneath the surface she was hoping to find?

Grey took a few careful steps towards her, with the intent of asking, before stopping in place and realizing the difficulty of even trying to communicate with her. Before it didn't seem like too much of a burden, since he cared little for talking and conversation, but now that he needed to learn and question by himself, it was becoming intensely frustrating.

Biting his lip, he flashed an irritated look down at the ground and began to sink back into thought.

Posted by: Requiem Sep 18 2015, 08:25 PM
Angel walked along the docks, her boots shloshing lightly with each step. Smuggling herself into this city may not have been the best idea. Sure she was away from her awful home, but she didn't necessarily have anywhere to go here.

Looking down at her shirt, trying to wring out a bit more water, she was no longer watching where she was going.

Her thoughts were in a distant place when a large grey figure appeared in front of her, unfortunately, she didn't notice. ((I leave you to decide whether I walk into you or if you're going to attempt to (and successfully) stop Angel from colliding with you.))

Posted by: Fro Sep 18 2015, 09:47 PM
Having been paying attention himself and noticed her path shifting towards him, Grey lifted one of his large hands and put his open palm out. It would stop her from colliding, but still bump her and pull her from whatever deep winding road of thought she had turned down. That was a sentiment he could relate too, often finding himself slipping into an endless chain of related ideas that blurred much of anything else, but most likely for a very different reason than her. He found solace in talking to himself, an inward dialogue better than none at all.

Grey eyed her with some bated curiosity, able to see the drenched women plainly despite the both of them now standing in the shadow of a nearby building. There was some odd tools she had at her side: a hilted piece of metal that looked like an elongated knife and another bulkier metal thing that Grey had no familiarity with. It was tucked away, so perhaps it had to do with why she was on the dock? Some piece of equipment? The questioning look towards the tool was all he could do to ask.

'She looks nothing like the others working here.' Neither did he, so at least they were equally out of place. However, the slight contact he had made might be clouding his thoughts when she might as well just be another person before that. The odd bond was troublesome, and not a thing he yet had controlled. It would go away as soon as she left, which with most came fairly quickly.

Posted by: Requiem Sep 19 2015, 03:15 AM
Angel was yanked out of her thoughts by a thick arm, stopping her progress. Her first reaction was that of panic, bracing herself to fight off an assailant. A second later her mind worked out that this man in front of her was far from hostile. She took a step back, so his hand was no longer against her chest, and looked him up and down.


She then realized that she was the one responsible for almost causing a collision.

"Err... I'm sorry, I'll try to watch where I walk."

Posted by: Fro Sep 19 2015, 08:00 AM
Opening his mouth in an effort to speak, but finding nothing but a burning pain and silence after a moment, Grey shot a displeased look towards the ground and grit his teeth. It was still a compulsion to try to speak, even though it felt like forever ago when it was taken away from him. Perhaps he wished that one day it would simply 'wear off,' however unlikely that was.

But, he was still faced with the challenge of trying to communicate somehow with her. At least he wanted the women across from him to know that he was not silent by choice and that the words would simply refuse to pass past his lips.

That would be a place to start, he admitted.

Lifting his eyes back up to meet hers, he angled his chin a bit further up, giving off the unintentional image that he was sizing her up still. Moving his hand back that he had used to stop her, Grey jutted his thumb out, facing towards himself. Agonizingly slow he ran it across his throat in the shape of an 'X'.

Grey watched with some uncertainty if she got it, letting out a silent sigh.

Posted by: Requiem Sep 19 2015, 05:18 PM
Angel was a little confused at the gesture for a moment, but after processing the previous attempt at talking it all clicked together.

"Oh, you're mute?" She asked, probably a little too surprised.

She mulled it over a moment, then made up her mind.

"My name is Cassandra, do you have anything specific that I may call you? If yes, do you know of a way to communicate it?"

Posted by: Requiem Sep 19 2015, 05:18 PM
Angel was a little confused at the gesture for a moment, but after processing the previous attempt at talking it all clicked together.

"Oh, you're mute?" She asked, probably a little too surprised.

She mulled it over a moment, then made up her mind.

"My name is Cassandra, do you have anything specific that I may call you? If yes, do you know of a way to communicate it?"

Posted by: Fro Sep 19 2015, 07:25 PM
Grey shrugged his shoulder on impulse after hearing the question, having never needed a name prior to this. Before, there had simply been his creator, him, and everyone else. Nobody need identify him, because he had no identity. Moving away from his old life would take some distancing, so he wondered idly if a name gave him power beyond being a creation.

Another shrug joined the movement of his thumb down the length of his arm, looking at the darkened skin along it. Nothing quite came to mind still, and he decided instead to leave it up to if Cassandra cared to come up with something. "You" would suffice, though it relied on if their interaction would even last beyond today. She seemed to at least have some intrigue towards him, however small or large it was he could not tell.

Posted by: Requiem Sep 19 2015, 11:23 PM
The mute man before her was interesting, his body seemed different enough to stand out while he was still human enough to fit in.

His graying skin was one of his more notable features, prompting an idea.

"Is Gray okay?" Are you going anywhere specific? May I come?"

Posted by: Fro Sep 20 2015, 12:40 AM
Her first question was met with a slow nod, deciding it was as truthful as a name could be. There was no sense in being something he was not. And he was certainly, with no stretch of the imagination, grey. It reminded him of rocks, concrete, rough things that took the beatings of nature and still stood strong. Those were nothing but good company for his name to be alongside.

Cassandra spoke a bit quick for his liking though, squeezing in many questions to a point where he was confused about what he was or wasn't answering. He however had no plans of where to go, knowing this city only at face value and nothing else. Grey was under the impression she would know better, unaware of her recent arrival.

Deciding simply to answer the first of the two, he shook his head and looked about, no clue as to where each of the branching streets would end up at. A place to rest had its appeal. Not near the dock, of course, and the constant flow of traffic, but a quieter place.

His eyes drifted back to her, waiting for direction.

Posted by: Requiem Sep 21 2015, 01:52 PM
((Sorry about the absence, busy day!))

"Grey it is."

Cassandra looked around, checking out the landscape now that she was settled.

Turning back to Grey.

"Would you like to join me then? I have nowhere specific to go, and frankly this is my first time in the city."

((Vandy, now is your chance))

Posted by: Fro Sep 24 2015, 12:10 PM
Grey took a second to look her over again. She wasn't anything like the intimidating, forceful voice that previously coaxed him along, but a slightly calmer, asking tone, giving him a choice and not boxing him into anything. It took him aback a bit, being allowed to decide this.

Slowly he nodded his head, deciding that this was the best decision to stick with her. She could speak for the both of them, and following along someone else was refreshingly familiar to him. His eyes lowered once again away from her.

The fact that this was her first time in the city was a bit odd to him. He should've been the one to know the most about here of the two, but he still knew little but the small path he had paved up and down the dock for hours. Truthfully, he could barely even recall the house he had fled from just the morning prior. All the streets looked the same to him...

Posted by: Requiem Sep 28 2015, 01:56 PM
Angel started to make some mindless smalltalk, walking along the way with her new companion in tow.

A few minutes in, with no response, she then remembered he was mute.

Extremely embarrassed, she looked back at Grey. "I... Er... I'm sorry."

"Is there anything I can do to help you? I never even asked why you were off on your own in the city."

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