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Sep 17 2015, 05:39 PM
Bloodied [Buff] - You quench your blade with your own blood, granting an increase to the striking power and strength of the following attack and bleeding yourself in the process. 1 round cooldown.

Quicksilver [Buff] - Load your pistol with a clip of 6 bullets, imbued with your blood. Bullets possess both silver and magical properties for the added benefit of hunting things which lurk in the shadows. You bleed yourself in the process. 6 round cooldown.

Quickening [Defensive] - You can use Quickening to make a quickstep or rapid dodge in any direction, vanishing for the duration of the movement. 1 round cooldown.

Imbibe [Healing] - You are able to self administer a blood transfusion through a conjured magic vial. Blood type is irrelevant, and any source of fresh blood may be used to fill the vial for immediate use. This restores health and stamina while providing an intoxicating effect. 4 round cooldown.

Taste of the Hunt [Travel] - Upon the taste of your own blood, your adrenalin begins to pump. Granting the ability sprint incredible distances at an increased speed. Also provides a slight, but lasting, increase to stamina until you are given a chance to breathe and relax. Bleed yourself in the process.
Jul 21 2015, 01:33 AM
Hey guys, as I'm sure you've noticed, the site has picked up some old faces again. With this new traffic after so long, I feel like now will be the best to attempt a revive of the site.

Coming up over the next few paragraphs will be a few ideas and suggestions, feel free to weigh in with your opinions on anything posted, or any ideas and suggestions of your own. (Be they good or bad)

With new traffic to such an old topic, we will need to revisit what exactly the HvV roleplay is. What I propose, is that we start off semi-fresh.
I'm thinking we shrink back down to one character per person (not deleting old ones, just put them on hold until things pick up and we are able to properly handle everything).
Also, I was hoping to maybe revisit powersets. Possibly shrinking them down to 5 powers, but giving many more story related opportunities to add relevant powers to your personal list. This will not only allow for a much easier creation/approval process, but allow for a lot more customization after you start playing. (Many people (including me) had made comments along the lines of wishing to change powers as their characters developed over time.

I understand these are big changes to people who enjoy the old system like I do, but I feel as though refreshing the beginning process may bring a bit more excitement to you guys as well as provide a much more simple and welcoming environment for any newbies who are interested.

A way to accomplish these changes, could be to add two new root forums, placing all of our old shenanigans into a "Past Generation" section. (including all locations, powers, characters, and missions) and starting fresh in a "Next Generation" section. In this we would redo locations, factions, characters, powers, lore, etc. This gives us a clean slate without erasing any of our past efforts. We would also be able to import and reformat old characters and powersets we wish to keep.

This way would also allow everyone to create brand new characters, modify old ones, or just keep the old ones as they were; the same goes for powersets. Let me know how you feel about starting over.

*I played around in the Admin CP. It is very possible and decently easy for me to just stick all the old posts in an archive-like category and then make a new category for new content, if that's what you guys would like.


Secondly: the state of Liberty City. I do not entirely wish to scrap the city, its lore, or its contents, but I feel as though they should be streamlined or updated. I propose we continue the story a decade or so after the events of the rebellion. (if you don't know about the rebellion, don't worry about it)

This would mean no districts. No North, no Central, just one city. I also don't want to get rid of the popular locations like the Colosseum. (but screw the racetrack) So how do you all feel about a single city, with different classes of areas? Big things, like the Colosseum, one Lab (we don't need four, let's be real), the Club, etc would all stay as they are, no restrictions. But then maybe throw in things like bars, parks, or malls with specific classes. (ie; Lower Class, Middle Class, High Class. A broke, homeless hero would tend to hang out in low end dive bar, whereas a millionaire villain would spend his time in a high end restaurant.) This way we're not lumping villains into one type of lifestyle and heroes into another.

Let me know what you think about this, as it would shrink the map, but expand the locations within. And while I'm sure everyone wants to keep things canon, remember that it doesn't HAVE to be.


Last, but not least, I'd like to overhaul factions and missions. (and potentially items and levels)

Factions right now suck. Plain and simple. If you are a hero you work for the police and if you are a villain you work for the Mafia. That's boring, and not every hero wants to chill with the police the same way not every villain wants to run errands for some Mafia.

I propose we scrap those, in favour of 3 or 4 new "Faction" factions. In this sense you're not limited to a group, and they are also not your MAIN source of roleplay. I see factions as a group you do work for, not something you pledge allegiance to. In this sense they become much more mercenary in nature, but there would also be special benefits for being loyal to a single group. The way I would like to set this up allows a bit more variety, with no black and white restrictions.

First, a Special Police. These would function similarly to the old police, hiring Supers to go after targets too intense for standard officers. They would function on a scanner system: Requesting help with certain crimes, or asking for back up in emergencies... "Mr. Evil is robbing the bank, any available supers please lend a hand!" These are open to any and all supers. If a hero wants to save the day he can swoop in. If a villain has a grudge against Mr. Evil, he can use the opportunity to settle the score and earn some extra cash for helping out. Or, if you feel bad, you can lend a hand to Mr. Evil, or finish him off and continue the heist without him.

A Vigilante System. Any of you watch Arrow? He's got a book of targets and is cleaning up the city. The Vigilantes would function on more of a warrant system. "Stabby Steve is causing terror on the Northern end of Liberty City. He's dangerous, armed, and needs to be removed from this city. Finish him off or bring him in." ...This allows both heroes and villains to clean up the streets for a bit of extra money and/or rep. That being said, if word were to get out Stabby Steve had a bounty on him, he would also be in need of a bodyguard or two...

Which brings us to The Underground. A criminal syndicate. The Underground is a way for people to hire supers for jobs they don't trust your average goon to perform. High stakes heists, assassinations, guarding the less desirables, and much more. This is where you find requests from people like Stabby Steve, who needs protection. Or John McMoney, who needs a rival casino burned to the ground. These missions, while definitely on the more evil side, will also be open to anyone wishing to participate. Everyone knows that even some heroes can't resist getting their hands dirty.

And lastly, The Job Board! A place for anyone to post something they need help with, good or evil, that doesn't flow through a specific faction. Mrs. Jefferson's cat is stuck in another tree? Galigore wants to rob a bank? Slum Dog needs a crew to hunt down Requiem? This "faction" (loose classification) will give everyone a place to ask for help, a place to look for a job, and even a place for mods to create their own jobs that don't fit into a specific faction.

One last thing on missions. I want factions to be a place to earn something extra or meet some new friends, I don't want it to guide the players through their stories. Story Missions should be done through the moderators and progress at their own pace, revolving around each characters attitudes and histories, while keeping in line with an overarching plotline that would be previously discussed between them. (for now though, no big plots.)

This I feel, would be the biggest change requiring the most effort. On the upside though, as each job is sort of like an individual mission/bounty, there is no need for specific contacts or leaders. Not that there won't be influential individuals, but you won't be going to them every time. Nobody wants to go see Burke every couple days in order to get a mission he could have sent you a text about.


I'm going to leave this section open for things that I/others wish to change, but not entirely sure how yet.
- The store; I personally am not a huge fan of all the random consumable items and such, they're a tad unfair and don't leave a lot of room for personalization. I want to hear what others think, and if anyone has any suggestions to change this?
- The bank, people are millionaires just from abusing the original interest rates, I feel as though credits should relate to the story only, and not be based on interest. Again, not sure how others feel or how to change this for the better.
- Experience and Reputation. The experience system, while it does work, feels a little static and boring. Someone who runs around and kicks puppies can Lvl up faster than someone who develops their history, character, behaviour, and personal story... and I think that's a little silly... Vandy also made a comment to me about having a reputation system within certain groups, but I will leave the explanation in his hands, as they are his ideas and probably much more fleshed out in his mind, than my interpretation of his comments are!


Okay, so some of these ideas are not perfect, and most will need to be fully fleshed out. I just think it would be best for everything if we start fresh, even if the specifics are not fresh. By all means we can keep our old characters and powersets, I don't want to throw away the past. Maybe though, maybe let us all just archive it and adapt everything for a new beginning, a stronger beginning, and a beginning we can invite others to.

Let me know what you guys think, tell me your hopes and wishes for the site.
What you like about my ideas, what you want to change.
What you like about the current set-up, what you want to change.

And please, please, share your ideas. This needs to be a team effort.

*Every tier of edits will be given an asterisk. (like this one) With the number of asterisks increasing for each consecutive edit. This will allow people to keep up with big changes in ideas without swimming through multiple posts.
Content Hidden
*Edit 1
**Edit 2
***Edit 3
and so on and so forth.

It's good to be back, let us make this Legen-
Jul 19 2014, 02:14 AM
[[Decided to just post it, it's easier this way.]]

Angel, upon leaving her claim to fame as a hero, starts up by creating a team of able individuals in order to further the objectives she believes in.

Thus, the SSS is born.

Stemming from her Japanese roots, the Shinda Sekai Sensen (War Front of the World of Dead) [[Rough translation, bear with me]] seeks to further bridge the gap between Supers and Humans. With the motto "Rebels against the God", the name and motto combined work to satire the exclusion and despair of both Super and Human populations stemming from their social dislike of the opposite group. Especially after being abandoned and isolated as a child.

Shinda Sekai Sensen
The Shinda Sekai Sensen, SSS for short, seeks to eliminate the still present feud between Supers and Humans. By taking both Supers and Humans into their ranks, they encourage a strong sense of family. Members take care of other members, whether they have special abilities or not. Shinda Sekai Sensen not only discourages racism (between the race of supers and humans) within their own ranks, but within the territory that is Liberty City. Often progressing into more extreme behavior to eliminate those who encourage said racism, and those who give either party a reason to be distrusting of the other.
[[ie. Villains that mercilessly prey on the weakness of humans, or humans that speak out against supers in "non-peaceful protest", etc etc.]]

The SSS stems out of Club Pure, where Angel resides. Higher ups of the faction are common in the location, and any member is always welcome. They also don't hold any qualms with adding to their ranks.

Main Division
This is the bulk of the group, operating under Angel, these are the general members, who go on missions and help out.

Distraction Division
This is a more specialized group, operating in both the background and front lines. They seek to take view off of the entire group, and pin it on themselves (branding themselves criminals so that others may go free) or to pin blame on targets. Most members of the Distraction Division are, in fact, wanted by the police, but are harbored within safehouses and within the nooks of Club Pure. The Distraction Division shows little affiliation within the organization from the outside, but many report directly to Angel, and she has been known to tag along on a few missions as well.

The Guild
The third division is based heavily on technical abilities. Those with ideas or the means to create and build are located here. Many of the Shinda Sekai Sensen's arms and devices are crafted by members of the Guild, and many members operate within mainstream, unassuming, companies within the city. Most members are considered hidden or undercover, meeting only with project managers, Angel, and a select few chosen to test or utilize new equipment.

Intelligence Division
This Division is mainly hidden, and the smallest of the four. The members work in pairs, and only ever make contact with Angel. The most secretive and paranoid, the Intelligence Division provides the SSS with any and all knowledge of corruption and discrimination within Liberty City.

Extra Info For Vandy
The SSS are not truly extremists, but they don't hold back when provoked. Often going to any length to succeed at what they do, they still prefer to work behind the scenes and out of public eye. Not all members hold the same views, but within their creed they work together until the end. So while they may not believe in each other's tactics or rash behavior, they don't falter with their support.

I'm not sure how you want mission-giving to go, but the group doesn't care for current alignment as long as you're able to follow the guidelines, but they generally disprove of unnecessary provocation between races.

Any questions feel free to ask, not quite sure what you really wanted. xD
Dec 15 2013, 04:03 PM
Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas Promo!
Today, you have twenty four hours to post in this Thread to claim the following:

Poison Snowflake
Category: Trinket
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One Use.
[Offensive] By crushing this snowflake while it is snowing, all snow that falls for the next 3 Rounds will be toxic. Anyone in the toxic snow will cough uncontrollably, and become dizzy. Anyone who stays in the toxic snow for all 3 Rounds will fall unconscious.

Please note items will not be added to your Inventory until Monday or Tuesday.
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Dec 14 2013, 04:21 PM
Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas Promo!
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Fire Snow
Category: Trinket
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[Offensive] When the red powder touches snow, it causes a chemical reaction with the snow. 1 Round later, all snow that mixed with the red powder explodes, as well as all snow in contact with the explosion.

Please note items will not be added to your Inventory until Monday or Tuesday.
Be sure to come back tomorrow to claim another Exclusive item!
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