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Sep 17 2015, 09:33 PM
There was an odd tugging within the confines of his chest, telling him to keep walking, keep moving. Previously he considered that he may want to go back the downstairs room with the one, tiny window, and the safety that a repetitive routine gave. But he had tasted just a bit of freedom and what was beyond those walls, and now...

Maybe, Grey supposed as he halted for a second and allowed those walking behind him to pass by, this was why he had been confined to that tight space. His Creator didn't want him to feel these feelings, hear these sounds, taste air that was no longer stagnant. Was it out of selfishness or pure loathing of his creation, or because it was easier to control those that knew nothing better.

His thoughts lingered on a man like that, while he continued his movements aimlessly along the creaking boards of the docks. Grey still desired that connection to someone else, though he was still coming to terms with admitting it to himself. Minutes, or maybe hours before, his hand brushed unintentionally against the arm of a person passing by. It felt like electricity had passed from his fingertips. Grey had a moment where he swore he knew that woman personally, and that he owed her some debt, some service.

The moment passed, yet the aching desire to fill the debt did not. It was a hunger pang in the pit of his stomach that would only recede if he indulged it.

But he wouldn't just choose anyone.

Lifting his eyes up around, he found himself next to a large boat being unloaded, the sun moving hurriedly to sink behind it. Night and day meant nothing to him yet, but without the constant flow of consciousness and unconsciousness of his former life, he felt the weight of his limbs starting to drag him down. His search was going poorly for the first day...
Aug 27 2015, 07:14 PM
General Information
Identity: ???
Known to Public As: Grey
Race: Super
Alignment: Neutral
Mark of Stone
Powers: Crafted out of the curious fiddling of a mystic, one not yet refined in his art, the stony man, if it could be called such, was meant to be a human who's skin could not be destroyed, bones could not be broken, and will could not be shattered. Yet he possesses these powers incompletely, only his arms made sturdy enough before Grey decided he no longer wanted this.

While his hands struggle to even operate simple weaponry or give a handshake without crushing bone, and his voice is silent, Grey still has plenty of mobility and can break through rock with his bare fist. Bullets lodge into the outermost layers and nothing else, and knives lose their point just trying to pierce it.

Yet, the magic has marked his body with the power to connect with others, simply by touching them. He still doesn't understand fully what effects may come from it, or how to harness it, but he feels stronger with each battle he fights alongside another, and can see the same occurring with them. The bond fills him with some sort of...odd loyalty, willing to protect them with all his will in the heat of battle. Perhaps it's just the human part of him, finally coming out...
Power Origin: Magic
Class: Tanker
Experience Level: Lvl 1 and 0XP

Appearance and Personality
Grey sports a very average set of male, human features, save a few. His eyes are a dulled blue, sitting on a round, somewhat rigid face. Thin lips seem to rest in a serious look, almost a scowl but not quite. While his nose is a bit large and flat, it is a prominent feature on a fairly regular face. Moving further, the grey-ish skin that is present across his body seems darker on his arms. His fingers and forearm are much bulkier than a normal human, as if there was a plate of metal beneath them. In contrast, his legs are very average despite their coloring, even thinner possibly than average.
Weight: 245
Height: 6 ‘ even
IQ: 99
Age: 2 Years since Formed
Personality: It is difficult to gain a handle on his personality without him talking, but enough exposure to him shows a deeper level to the hulking, brooding man. His loyalty is above any other’s, and he has a strong desire to aid in the affairs of others. Despite this, he still wishes to keep some independence for himself, and may distance himself once the fighting has ceased. Also, much of his approach to issues may be considered too direct, when there are other solutions.
Likes: Strength and security, karma, gratitude, assisting
Dislikes: Disloyalty, smooth-talkers, magic-users


Swap-[Defensive] You form a link between you and a person you touch. The next time they are struck, your link allows you to swap position them and block the hit. Two round CD, which start upon them being attacked.

Strength: 1
Power: -10
Defense: 4
Evasion: 1
Accuracy: 0
Health: 2
Stamina: 2
Speed: -2
Charisma: -8
Wisdom: 0
Intelligence: 0

Skills and Weaknesses
Skill 1 - Unarmed: His inability to wield a weapon has forced him to use his hands in its place, garnering him some insight into how best to strike a foe and where in order to take them out. In addition to his power, this makes him dangerous in closer quarters, if he is allowed to close the distance.
Skill 2 Intimidate - Something about the hulking, grey-toned man speaks strength and power. He can simply use his actions rather than words to make others see his way or give him information, but only if he must act diplomatically rather than more forceful approaches.
Skill 3 Spot - Spending much of his time in the darkened basement of his creator has tuned his eyes to more perceptive to small changes even in the gloom of the night. A concealed weapon or a hidden item may be picked up by his eyes while others sometimes would not.
Weakness 1 Any Weapon Proficiency besides Unarmed
Weakness 2 Language
Weakness 3 Diplomacy
Fear 1 Magic
Fear 2 Losing someone he is bonded to

Friends: None
Enemies: Creator

Some things, Grey believed, were better left untouched by human hands or delved into by human minds. It was not that he worried about the reckoning of a higher force, whatever that meant to others, because he believed in no such thing. His world was separate from that world. His higher power ate, slept, drank, and would die like any other human. Imperfection breeds imperfection, and he wondered if his silence was a testament to that.
His first memory wasn’t of being a child. What he was told was that he was never human, and that this was simply, in his mind, an egocentric reflection or copy of the one who made him. That struck a chord with Grey, and it was the initial thing that he started not to believe from his maker. He was the same in most ways with a human, relying on food and water and needing rest, but he was meant to believe that the two of them were in no way alike? Already he sensed some sort of distance growing.
His awakening into the world was not of any warmth. Faintly he could remember waking up on a cold, wooden table, sprawling across it like an examination table with his feet hanging off the end. There was no tubes or needles or and experimenting, just a man with a leather book and a powerful aura about him. Not physical strength, like Grey had been molded for, but the ability to conjure up anything simply by thought and will. A punch took effort, intimacy, power, and would never be anything but a closed fist. The magical energies he wielded could become anything he wished for without the lift of a finger. You didn’t have to see those you wished to affect, and you could crush a man ten times your size without giving him an opportunity to strike.
Grey never truly felt any more terror towards something above that.
The interaction the two of them had from that point on was not what one would imagine a Creator to do. Taking a knife, rather clumsily as if he had never held one before in his entire life (a fact which would not be surprising), the Creator plunged it into the arm of Grey. It faltered for a second, before the rough texture of his skin gave way to the blade. His first experience was pain, searing and deep. There was nothing he could do to stop a stream from passing from his lips, a noise that broke the silence of the room and made his Creator leap back.
His words commanded a force Grey could not see, but a burning force in his throat that he could feel. Something within him was destroyed and turned to ash, the yell instantly stopping as if a button on a remote had been pressed to mute him. From that point on he feared those powers which he could not see, the soundless yells turning into winces, and then eventually just a flinch as his Creator tested his arm over and over again. Each time after the blade still cut through, another incantation would be put on him, another hazy spot in his memory, another knife cutting into him. He lost track of him through everything but the light trickling in through the window of the room.
Time became an odd, meaningless thing when every day was the same, unceasing thing. It had been a wish of his to still keep track of each time his Creator tried to make his arm stronger, but he saw no value in it and eventually let it slip through his fingers. Years passed throughout all of this, a concept too large for him to fully understand. Never had the idea of leaving came into his mind though he was not restrained or forced to stay there. There was still disdain at his Maker for taking from him his voice. It was, in essence, a gift he had been given, that was taken from him from the one that gave it. Was that right?
He considered that his Creator could be wrong.
The day his arm was finished was the day he was gone. The normal incantation, the normal strike with the knife, but an abnormal sound. Metal twisted against flesh, and it did not give way. The blade clinked off of his arm, the point dulled, the knife tarnished. A light showed in the eyes of the man that had made him, pride that he soon realized was not for his creation, but for himself.
He had always just been this man’s plaything for his own gain, hadn’t he? Why did he lay here and allow it to happen? Time didn’t blur for Grey as the man began to walk away and back up the stairs once more. He was aware. Ready. Angry.
Thick fingers reached forwards to the unaware, careless man, and closed around his throat. The pride shimmering in his eyes ceased, clouded by fear and panic. For once the man that had all the power, every single thing that put terror into Grey’s heart, felt the same way he did. The words the mage needed to say could not pass through with the massive hand clamped around his neck. His feet left the floor, and there was a moment where Grey felt that he would do it, and crush the human he cared not for. But something within sounded that it was not the best of plans. A conscience? Perhaps, but he cared for it not.
Tossing the frail man away and into a wall, he gave no more heed to him as he began his trek away, towards the same stairs he had left by every day.
The same voice from before gave no suggestion, but he knew all he needed was somewhere beyond here, someone that needed him.

*To be added with Factions*
Aug 1 2015, 02:00 PM
I'd like to gauge interest in having a night, either a weekly thing or just whenever it works out for everyone, where we just find a game everyone has or a free one online/on Steam, and just have some fun with it. Nothing too serious, but if you think it'd be something you would want to do, just leave a post on here about what systems you can play on, as well as any games you would want to play.

My system is PC; I may have access to PS4 online but I severely doubt it.

I don't have any real preferences on what games we play, though some ones that are free/popular/would work well with a group would be things like Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, Dead Island ($3 for a couple days), as well as any of the MMOs mentioned by Vandy or free games on Steam I haven't gotten around to looking at yet. I've been more into FPS than MMOs, but again if the majority is for one or the other it doesn't bother me.

I'm sure we could devise something for voice chat too if people wanted that as well, but we'll see how this goes.

Jul 27 2015, 08:35 AM
Lvl 1
Mark of Stone- [Passive]You have greyish skin tone across the entirety of your body, most prevalent on your arms and hands. Your arms and hands are extremely durable and must be put under intense stress to even fracture. Sharp and bludgeoning strikes can be blocked by them, without leaving damage or scarring. The strength behind gripping and punching is also increased largely.

Your only weapon is your fists. Weapons such as guns and other weaponry are inoperable with the size of your hands and fingers. Swords can be bent and broken with too heavy of a grip. Any sort of weapon from the Store can not be used, though hand wraps and brass knuckle-like objects can.

Mute- [Passive]You cannot speak. Your other senses, especially sense of sight, makes up for this one shortcoming, allowing you further sight over distances and especially in the dark.

Lvl 2:
Swap-[Defensive]You form a link between you and a person you touch. The next time they are struck, your link allows you to swap position them and block the hit. Two round CD, which start upon them being attacked.

Lvl 3:
Fury- [Offensive]The next hit landed on your arm(s) after using this transfers that striking force to you. You automatically counter back with the same force. Does not work unless they are within striking range. Two round CD.

Lvl 4:
Armorless- [Buff] Defensive shields and armor can now easily be shattered by your punches, assuming it is made from something that physically can be broken. Lasts for two rounds, with a cooldown of three.

Scar of Stone- [Passive] Anyone struck by an Offensive Action by the User is Marked. Marks can stack. When a target is first marked, the Mod rolls a dice to determine which of the seven stats is affected (excluding Health)(this is tentative on if we have stats, else I will alter the wording). Whichever stat is chosen, the Marked enemy gets a 5% decrease in that stat for each Mark. Each Mark added after this is put into the same stat chosen first, instead of rolling again. Marks disappear at the end of combat, or upon knocking out/killing the User.

Lvl 5:
Hold- [Shapeshift] Your feet sink into the ground, stopping any leg movement, but almost doubles your Defense as well as immunity to being knocked back. A slight over-time healing is given, increasing in strength the longer you stay this way. Cooldown is equal to rounds this is up.

Bond- [Buff] With a willing partner you form a bond for the remainder of the encounter or fight. While this Bond is active, the members involved receive boosts from the actions of the other. If one partner dodges or blocks an attack from an enemy, the other partner gains an increase to their own evasive or defense. Similarly, if a partner strikes or kills an enemy, or any other damaging interaction, the other gains an increase to damage and offense.

Partnering more with the same person creates a stronger Bond each time, heightening the increases to offense and defense respectively.

In addition, you no longer need to make contact with your partner in order to activate Swap. Instead, you can choose to mentally activate it, with the same cooldown as before. Also, the partner now obtains the Scar of the Stone passive for as long as the fight goes on.

This ability can only be activated once per encounter, even if the previous bonded partner dies.

I'm not sure the balancing of the class at its current state if it's too strong or too weak. Honestly right now it just feels different.

Edit 1: Added Bond buff to give this powerset a stronger team-sided use, though it still lacks with only two moves directly interacting with other people.

Considered additions:

Another Bond power that is permanent and carries over between battles, though with modified abilities and longer needed before benefits improve beyond that of a normal Bond.

Add an effect with the Bonding powers where if one member dies the other receives some heavy boosts or benefits, whether that be permanent or temporary is yet to be seen.

Addition to the Mute passive to allow him to say a single word/sentence a day (not sure if it would be more fun just to have him be mute always).

Replacing the Armorless power with...something better?

Jul 25 2015, 01:17 PM
It seemed fitting, at least to him, to start at a place where the people within had stood for justice, when right now all he wanted revenge, and to make whomever wronged him years ago go straight to...

He hadn't thought about it that far. Did he want to kill the man that forced him to become what he was today? Was that the right thing to do? Would it really in the end make him feel better about himself and give him closure?

Gritting his teeth as he walked towards the door, Ty decided the answer to all those, without any real hesitation.

Yes. And he'd savor every damn second of it.

Exhaling slowly to relax himself, he tried to push his thoughts away from that for the time being. Whatever would happen when they came face to face, he would decide then. For now, he scanned his eyes over the familiar environment of the police station, a place that had been near-tied to his livelihood before he learned about the Resistance and met Angel. It was a bit more relaxing when you didn't have to worry about putting your life on the line to survive and pay bills, but he did miss some of the excitement.

Realizing he had been standing in the foot of the doorway for some time, he took a few quick strides towards the receptionist, an unneeded formality but something he felt he should do to at least check she was in today.

"Ty, here to see Officer Jones. She's not expecting me but...I don't think she'll mind." He offered forth, with a bit of a forced smile.
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