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> The Heart, Locations & Factions
 Posted: Aug 31 2015, 03:06 PM
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The Heart is set, as the name implies, at the center of the City. At its very core, it houses some of the more impressive government buildings, such as the Citizen's Forum, the Tower of the Council, as well as a few headquarters of the largest industrial and financial businesses in the region. Farther from the center, the height of the buildings slowly declines as the importance of the building does. Lesser government buildings, such as post offices, police departments, recruiting centers, and courts circle around the very center. On the outskirts of the Heart is the beginning of the night-life region, where clubs, concert halls, casinos, and theaters all rest in the shadows of the massive buildings around them. Intermittent, and seemingly sporadic, are the endless banks, high-class fashion buildings, low-class fashion buildings, vertical apartment complexes, and condos. Most major action in the City occurs in this region.

While forces such as the Peacekeepers and other specialized policing units, as well as the Justiciars, keep the order of this region, organized and disorganized crimes will still sprout up unannounced. The gangs in this region don't deal in land or drugs or guns, but in money. Loan sharks and Mafia-esque individuals are found in profuse quantity.

Known Factions stationed here:

- The Peacekeepers: Special task force. Makes use of robots and Supers to deal with criminal activity. Only deployed during emergencies.
- The Pacifiers: Special task force deployed only against Supers.
- LCPD: Regular foot police. Includes Fire Department, Medical Services and other similar needs.
- The Council: Large government body who debate issues and decide which to bring to the public and which to deal with personally, and which to ignore. Some members are well-known; others with shrouded identities. There are always 60 members of the Council, who are appointed or removed by the Paragons (not counted as members). Paragons are elected in a popular vote; there are always 11, and they serve for two-year terms.
- The Justiciars: A small but ever-powerful Super Group headed and founded by The Shadow. All members are known only by their hero names and their deeds and powers. The name "Justiciars" tends to strike a positive chord with the public, a neutral chord with the police and the Council, while the name strikes fear into criminals who overstep their bound.
- Trigoni Family: A large family, well-settled into the history of Massachusetts and New York, who moved to Liberty City to maintain business. Their hands are in the pockets of many businesses in the City, and they run a successful corporation known as Armistice Robotics. Involved with criminal activity, but they hide their dirt well and are rarely caught.
- Enforcers: A mercenary group, generally hired by the Trigoni Family but are occasionally hired by others as well. They provide security mainly, but also deal in the rare assassination or two. Their eyes and ears reach far, and not much goes on that they don't know about. However, they don't act much on their own, and only affect the city when given a case of cash.
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