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> Drydocks, Locations & Factions
 Posted: Aug 31 2015, 03:06 PM
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The Drydocks region can boast a beautiful view of the ocean to the east, and a vast industrial region and small but effective residential region. All forms of boating are here, from yachts and cruise ships, to barges and fishing sails, to jet skis and mobile homes. On the land, there are boardwalks and a rich tourist section to the north, with beaches, exotic restaurants, and hotels aplenty. Just south, resident's boats are docked in a large group of marinas with extensive manors overlooking the ocean. And at the southern end of the Drydocks, shipping and smuggling is the name of the game, with warehouses just inland from the port.

While some business owners, dock workers and criminals reside in this region, it is mostly active only in the day, while at night most return home to Rose Hill or Riverdale. It is at this point that the criminal activity sprouts up. Drugs and guns are smuggled in, and other illicit materials are moved into inconspicuous warehouses or other fronts in an elaborate system to keep things under wraps.

Known Factions stationed here:

- LCPD: Regular foot police. Includes Fire Department, Medical Services and other similar needs.
- Dock Workers United: A union composed of dock workers, who regularly meet with the business leaders to keep living conditions up and enjoyable.
- Young Guns: A security company which keeps order on the docks day and night when hired by the owners. Normally constantly contracted.
- Bastone Family: A medium-sized family which deals mostly in overland trade. They own or nominally control many fronts in the region, while much of their business is based on the drug smuggling business.
- The Golem: An unusual group of individuals who act in the interest of maintaining havoc. On constant watch by the LCPD, though they have been hard to track down. They enlist young orphans, the mentally unstable, and ex-cons to keep their ranks up, while the main core of members are invisible in their web of intrigue.
- Shades of Purple: A group of distributors of drugs smuggled in. Always wearing a purple handkerchief.
- Valkyries: An all-female group of distributors. Rival to Shades of Purple.
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