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> Rose Hill, Locations & Factions
 Posted: Aug 31 2015, 03:06 PM
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To the east of the Heart is a large range of hilly grassland, settled just south of a beautiful mountain range. The land was tamed quickly and turned into a large suburb outside of the Heart. Highway and city street gave way to town roads and main streets. This large residential and commercial region houses many of the most powerful figures in the city, especially those who have been around for years. Council members, police chiefs, well-to-do gang bosses, and the secret identities of many superheroes and villains live in this region, all passing by each other in the parks or the grocery stores without knowing that they're standing next to a person who wants them dead. This is where home life in the city takes place, and more often than not it is a peaceful existence, though some trouble does tend to erupt. To the west of Rose Hill is the Heart; to the east of Rose Hill are the Drydocks; and to the south of Rose Hill is Riverdale.

Rose Hill is easily the least active of all regions in the city, with the lowest crime rate and the least incentive to do any criminal activity. Robberies do occur in some of the houses, but due to the superb security systems enacted and the feeling of camaraderie in many of the neighborhoods, it is not often. Towards the southern section closest to Riverdale, gang wars erupt and there are infrequent drug busts. It rarely spills up into the northern section, the "nicer" section, of Rose Hill, however.

Known Factions stationed here:

- LCPD: Regular foot police. Includes Fire Department, Medical Services and other similar needs.
- The Skulls: A weak but numerous gang that deals in drugs and bodies. They rival the Red X's. Their signature is to always been seen in public wearing a Skull mask. Their territory lies mainly in the west side.
- The Red X's: Also a weak but numerous gang. They deal in drugs as well, but also deal in the gun business. They rival the Skulls, and are in fact a splinter group who rebelled from the Skulls for reasons unknown. Their signature is a Skull mask with an "X" painted in red somewhere on their mask or outfit. Their territory lies mainly in the east side.
- Trader's Union: A large business interest. Regular meetings between the heads of family-owned businesses or small franchises. They work together to keep business booming, to organize events and to maintain independence from the industrial enclaves of the Heart.
- Sons of Soviet: A talking place for socialist speakers. While they have remained non-violent, they recently began to branch out from their meetings and started to hit the streets to persuade the general public.
- Freedom Fighters: Another talking place, based however on the ancient ideals of the USofA. Sons and grandsons of veterans, or politicians, or other die-hard Americans. They act as vigilantes when the police arrive too late, and are known to patrol the streets at night to act as a Neighborhood Watch with pistols.
- The New Age Intellectuals: A group of writers, musicians, movie stars, and a few other notables who gather together to discuss and debate their beliefs, and commit the frequent act of debauchery. Home of many scandals.
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