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Born: 26 August 1993
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I am a freelance journalist for magazines. My current beats are on Cottage Life and the Bar Scene. I have studied Print-Journalism at Sheridan College, and have published various articles with the Sheridan Sun Newspaper, mainly under the heading Community News. I enjoy writing about events, especially ones that donate to local charities, and doing investigative journalism about issues in the community.

My most successful article was a community feature called BARRED about how the local bars in the area had changed their drinking age above the Ontario drinking age, which was discriminatory according to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission and a Toronto Human Rights Lawyer.

In my spare time I enjoy writing fantasy novels, and contributing to forum writing. I recognized during my English Major at University that novel writing is not normally a steadily-paying career, and I wanted to use my talent in a steadily-paying atmosphere. Novel writing is still a talent and passion of mine, and I follow that calling as a hobby at this point in my life.

My favourite component of writing and entertainment is character development. I value character development in novels, scripts, and various mediums. Even in Journalism you can find character development through interviews with various people. I love learning people's life stories and discovering why they love the careers that they chose to follow.

I see myself as an artist of words, rather than an artist of brushes. I value talent. Doctors are talented at what they do, as are some teachers and even some strippers. I have never been any good at science or math, but I found my talent in english and writing within various different mediums.
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Feb 3 2016, 11:26 PM
I noticed when I go to the Arcade each game says "Playing disabled for this group."

Does this mean that it's disabled for my specific member grouping or the entire website?
I would to challenge the champions at a few games, especially Tetris.
Is it at all possible to bring these games back?
Feb 3 2016, 11:18 PM
So I used to have two characters on here.

One was Shard, who I used very frequently and had credits built up for. She was the character who I started out with, and I believe that she was in around level 6-7 in her Ice Power Set. It has been a long time since I used her last, and I'm not sure where I left her at all. I'm also not sure how to bring her back with the new power set rules, but I would like to. Can anybody explain the process or point me to some forms?

The other was a vampire who I actually don't remember the name of without looking her up. I would like to discard this character completely, but I also don't know where I left her. Of course, I would save her information first, especially since I like her photo and actually sketched out an altered version of her dress a few years ago, but I'm not sure how to go about getting rid of her.

Dot is only a character for the side-roleplay, not the full siteā€¦ so I don't think she relates to any of this.
Jun 4 2013, 03:51 PM
Starlight walked amongst the alleys until she came to the blackmarket, assured of her safety by the hush of moonlight. She had two missions ahead of her; one to find human blood, and the other to find Santiago. She realized that in her torn dress, messy hair, and bloodstained pale hands she would not be able to blend in with the crowd, but hopefully a bit of cash would allow her a shower and a few other pleasantries. It was a while before she'd be able to yet again walk in sunlight, but she wanted to be prepared for when that day would come.
Jun 3 2013, 07:51 PM
Starlight walked along the edges of the sewers, carefully avoiding the beams of light that shed through the occasional manhole. Normally, she would feed on the rats or mice that wandered into the sewers, but today she had a yearning for true human blood. It had been days since she had tasted the warm blood of a woman, or felt it drip down her chin and hands. It was sweet and pure, unlike the disgusting animals she had grown accustomed to. "Santiago!",she whispered in a giddy tune as she began skipping around the corners of the sewers. "Santiago! I'd like some blood now! Do give me the coins I need to return to the surface?" An apartment building would be the perfect place to feed...
Dec 12 2012, 12:10 AM
Identity: Evelyn (Lynn) Marshall
Known to Public As: Starlight
Race: Vampire, under the extensive race of Supers.
Alignment: Villain
Starting District: North


Changling- [Shapeshift/Passive] This is the first step in becoming a vampire. After a person is bitten, their eyes go red, their canine teeth extend and sharpen, and they lust for blood. They, however, are very vulnerable during the first trimester of their change do not gain the abilities of a full-vampire until later. They are unable to withstand sunlight without burning, and instead are forced to cling to the shadows and travel during nightfall. They stop aging at this point, and can climb on walls.

Power Origin: Endowed
Weight: 112
IQ: 110
Age: 22
Weakness: Pointed wood (stakes), and sunlight.
Fear: She is very afraid of sunlight, as well as Christian Religion. She fears that her soul will be lost after death, and will not ascend to heaven, so religion greatly unsettles her.
Infamy: Lvl 1
22 years ago, Evelyn Marshall descended to earth through the legs of her dying mother, Renee Marshall. Renee died from pregnancy complications later that night, and her husband Percy was left to raise their child on his own. Evelyn was raised in the countryside by her father, homeschooled, and kept from the urbanization of the city. When she was 17, she met a boy named Jacob. He was 20, and from the city. He taught her all about the supernatural, and the ways of city-folk. When Evelyn was 19, Jacob asked her to marry him, and she agreed. They then moved to the city a year later, where Evelyn got a job as a barista, and Jacob pursued his dream in the real estate business. They lived happily in a small apartment for 3 years after, until Jacob went missing. After having the police refuse to put out a search warrant for her husband due to timing, Evelyn decided to search the alleys for her missing husband. She was attacked by a cloaked man in a back alley and bitten. Evelyn later awoke in the alleys as a vampire, and was forced to remain hidden for 2 weeks before coming to terms with who and what she was. With no hope remaining for her eternal soul, she now desires only self-preservation through the aid of her darkest allies.
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