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Posted by: Vandy Aug 1 2015, 08:39 PM
They are all very good concepts, and would like to see them developed further.

I'm having a hard time nit-picking, however, since we haven't decided on any rules for the new powersets. So I don't know whether to go with my gut, or judge based on old rules. If you have any opinions on how powersets should work, please post in the thread.


With that said! Everyone who has posted a powerset or is considering posting one:

If you could post a second version of your powerset (WITHOUT altering the original!) underneath in your respective threads, that'd be much appreciated. With this version, do not make powers divided by categories of "Buff" or "Offensive/Defensive" or "Summoning", or anything else. Also, do not divide powers based on level.

Rather, just give a brief description of your character's powers. What do they control? How did they come across those powers? I'll give an example below. I want to try a new approach on this; not saying this is how we'll go about describing powers, but I have a vague idea forming in my head that I'd like to share with you all, see how we can work on it.

Example of powerset:
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(Character) was raised by two magic-using parents, who had strong ties with an underground cult of dark arts users. He was never told about their powers while they were alive. He discovered, one day, that they had been slain by a strong undead creation they had worked on. (Character) felt a surge of energy when he saw the creation, and- unbeknownst to him- took over the creature and ripped it apart from the inside, in rage. He had picked up the magical energies of his parents and diverted the energy into killing the creation.
He has never found the cult, but he has had some unusual occurrences throughout his adult life. When in duress, he taps into the magical potential, but he has a difficult time controlling it.
He can possess undead creatures from within for a limited time, with more power when he is scared or in danger, and near none when he is safe. He has the potential to harm the living with necrotic powers, but it is latent and difficult to channel. He has partial influence over other's brains, enabling him to cause others to think of certain subjects, or being able to persuade others with relative ease.
~Something like that!~

Posted by: Fro Aug 1 2015, 08:53 PM
My concern with that is that a person can simply make a vague proclamation about their power that will allow them to have a much larger berth of abilities and moves than if they had simply had to state out what powers they had.

An example would be something like: He has the ability to telepathically communicate and suggest actions to the person, as well alter emotions, could turn into complete control over a person and sending them into a maniac rage that they cannot do anything to stop. There's better examples, I'm sure, but you get the point.

Also, it is helpful for a mod, and for progression standpoints, if the powers are made as such. The number of rounds you have to wait, the exact effects and criteria of the power, all of that is different for each mod if you simply gave them a description of powers.

If you take the example you gave, and his ability to possess undead creatures, one mod might take that as you can only possess one person, and that you cannot control the character while the creature is possessed, while another might think you can control many, and yourself at the same time. Hurting the living with the necrotic powers could be taken several ways, with varying cooldown and varying strengths.

Balancing is also a bit more difficult, for the reasons above and also because interpreting is more subjective then.

It can be done, I'm sure there's a way or even a hybrid. But it isn't the easiest path the walk as a mod or a player.

All that said, I'll give it a go for you if you'd like smile.gif. No reason not to give it a shot.

Posted by: DDD Sep 23 2015, 05:23 PM
Well it's not a question of can it be done. It's on the questions of will a person do it or can they figure out how to do it. If you need to say to that person put something more specific in a powerset then do so. Yes there is a way to balance it, however you need to take a person creativity into account of how he may use those power(s) if it be out balance or not. Which you won't run into very much so if you want a powerset examlpe take my ice powerset in the archive and see where it may be balance, and what can be done to tip scales without changing anything. Although Clones will more likely be your biggest headache if the clones act independent or if the Original one is controlling them simultaneously. If your worried about each power on it's own being op more than likely you'll see it. Just pound the creators with questions add suggestions or tell them to add a cooldown/ effect on the user if used too many times. Remember even a balanced powerset when used correctly can be op or have op moments.

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