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> Oberon, The Last Gargoyle
 Posted: Jul 15 2014, 12:06 AM
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Always get out of the way of a charging werewolf

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Identity: Oberon

Known to Public As: Chaz Walker

Race: Human/Gargoyle

Alignment: Independent

Starting District: West

Pic or Description:

Human form:
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Has nice green, smooth hair. It's natural, isn't dyed. Is quick on his feet and has a muscular build, but not bulk. His training in the gargoyle camps made him lean and tough. Has hazel eyes, and wears a bright white headband, but can only see little glimpse of it from his hair going over it. wears a tan, light jacket with a black undershirt with jeans, and black shiny shoes. Is tan from spending all his free time at the beach. Has a scar on his arm from getting cut from his first battle.
Use to be nice, thoughtful, and caring. Would go out of the ways for his old friends in East District. But ever since he started going on his mission in the search of his past, he went back to his old ways like he was back in his home country in the heavens. Has a 'whatever' personality. Not caring about anything that doesn't affect. Has a tough and stubborn personality. Rude to others that he meets. If he doesn't have a reason for meeting someone, more then likely he will treat them like trash. Doesn't like to be disturbed by other, especially when he is busy.
Gargoyle Form:
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Gargoyle Powerset


Lvl 1:
Gargoyle fighter-[Passive] The User is a master fighter when it comes to hand to hand combat, and also very well trained to use many weapons, such as swords, knives, axes, and such. The User is able to throw the weapons with great aim, nearly never missing.
Gargoyle War Axe-[Active] The gargoyle calls forth from the heavens his mighty war axe, causing a bright flash of light around the users hands. It is a holy object, crafted by the finest gargoyles from the heavens. Only the User can use it, and he can call it, or make it depart whenever the User pleases. When hitting a demon or undead, damage is tripled.

Power Origin: Natural

Weight: 189

Height: 5'10

IQ: 100

Age: 20

Weakness: Cold weather

Fear: Drowning

Infamy: Lvl 1

Part 1: Childhood
Oberon was born in the heavens, into a family of armor smiths of Gargoyles. His mother, Martha, and his father, Tarlan were very proud as they saw their first son enter their world. As soon as Oberon could hold a hammer, that's when his father started making him work the forge. Oberon started at a very young age, but his father told him it couldn't hurt doing things early. Oberon lived in a small village, with plenty of other kids his age. Only most kids fathers were farmers, and would prep the crops and would go and sell their foods in the market. Oberon however loved his dads job a lot more. He had the privilege of going to the human world, to gather necessary supplies for his father to work the forge. He was 11 years old when his father took him to the human world."Remember, act like a human. No fighting or communicating with the others. I'll do the talking. And remember the most important rule. Never transform into a Gargoyle while here. Never." Oberon never understood why he wasn't aloud to show his true form in the humans world, but he always obeyed his father. They would go down to Liberty City, and gather the necessary metals and equipment needed to smith the armor and weapons Tarlan would sell to the grand Gargoyle armies. When Oberon and his father arrived back to the heavens to their small village, they got a message from a Gargoyle soldier, who came to their house just as Oberon and his father arrived home. Tarlan went outside to greet the soldier, telling Oberon to wait inside. Oberon did as instructed, waiting inside for his father. When his father arrived back inside, he had a big smile on his face."Good news!" He shouted, getting his wife's attention."I've been promoted! One of the Gargoyle Generals, Zogg, loves my armor that I craft! He has requested that we move to the great city. There, I will go and work in the armor smith in the Gargoyle castle and craft armor and weapons for his army!" Everyone was thrilled by the news, and couldn't wait to begin their new adventure into the great city.

It was truly a wonderful sight for Oberon and his family. They were use to small, buildings made out of logs and hay. But here, everything was huge buildings, and all sorts of machines that Oberon and his family has never seen before. They moved into a nice two story building, only little ways from the Grand Gargoyle castle. It was a tremendous sight for Oberon. The whole city was so peaceful and great. He couldn't believe he was living here now. His father would go out to work in the great forges of the castle, his mother would stay home and do the cleaning, and Oberon and to do what he never had to do back in his old village. Go to school. Obviously his first few days were pretty bad for him. No kid enjoys school. But he gradually began to get used to how the system worked. He also began to quickly make new friends. His closest friend he made while living in the great city was Zeke. Him and Oberon would do everything together. Getting in trouble at school, go and hang out at the park, and would always talk about their dreams. Both of their fathers worked in the great forge. And they knew, that their fathers would want them to do the same. But Oberon, and Zeke, had different plans. They wanted to become soldiers in the Gargoyle armies. Right now, the grand Gargoyle country was at peace. So in Oberons and Zekes eyes, they thought that the soldiers only trained and got to hangout. But they were dead wrong.

Oberon was 16 years old when his family heard news of an attack on their old village. Apparently a group of Demons who were outcasts, banished from hell attacked the village. But to the great Gargoyle councils, they thought the Demon leader sent an attack on one of their villages. So they had a meeting with the Leader of the demons, Dredd. He was a horrid and scary sight. Standing at almost 8 feet tall, with big red horns, and a long tail with a very deadly and sharp spike at the end. He had long claws, that stretch out to an ugly range. He wore a red battle armor, with his red trident at all times. He had a horrible stench on him that seemed to never go away. Just the very sight of him made you shiver. The Gargoyle council, which consisted of the three oldest, and wisest Gargoyle alive, went to meet him. The two lower ranked Councilmen, Acacius, and Bricius were in front, with the leader of the Garogoyle council behind them. His name was Appius. All three looked similar, with great long white beards, and shiny white robes. They kept their hands connected at all times, making it so you could never see them, trapped in their robes. The meeting was live, showing on the great screens in the Gargoyle city."Why has your men attacked, killed, and raped my citizens?" Appius asked, in a soft, crinkly voice."I've told you once, and this will be the last time I repeat myself. Those were not my men. They were outcasts.I had no order over them" Dredd said, in a deep, intimidating voice. He had a hint of sarcasm, and uncaring in his voice."You expect me to believe that excuse?!" Appius shouted, in a surprising tone of authority."If you do not tell me the real reason for burning down one of my villages, it will be war." He stated. Dredd, looked Appius dead in the eye, with with a pair of eyes that looked as if they were on fire, filled with hatred."War it is." and with that, Dredd and his men left the Gargoyle castle, and returned back to the underworld.

Oberon never saw his father much anymore ever since the war began. Tarlan was busy working in the great forge, crafting weapons and armor for the Gargoyle armies to use to fight against the Demons. So this gave plenty of time for Oberon, Zeke, and Clovis to practice fighting with each other. Clovis was another friend Oberon made while in the great city. They met one day at the park when Oberon was alone. They also shared the same dream of becoming a soldier in the grand army. The only thing stopping all three of them from joining however was their mothers. all three forbid them to fight in the army ever since the war broke out. Then soon the day came, when councilmen Brisius sent out one of his armies to go attack one of the Demons forts in the underworld. Oberon and his friends cheered on the streets of the great city, as they saw the soldiers in their shining armor walk down the streets, leaving the great hall. This would be the first battle of the war. And Oberon couldn't wait to see the results. After the soldiers left, Oberon went home for the night to find a nice surprise. His father. He hasn't seen his father in almost 2 months since the war started."Tarlan!" Oberon shouted, as he ran up to his dad giving him a hug. They went inside and had dinner, discussing how his work had been so much harder and busier. After dinner however, that's when his father showed a face of seriousness."Your mother tells me you talk of joining the Gargoyle armies. Is this correct." Oberon shoots his mom a look of betrayal."Yes thats true, father. I wish to fight for my Country against these Demons. It is my dream to serve our Country."Oberon takes in a deep breath."And you can! Tomorrow, come to the forge with me and we will work in it again, just like old times. Preparing the weapons and armor for the armies is serving your country! and its so much safer!" Oberon looks to the ground, not making eye contact with his father, knowing he will be disappointed at what he will say next."I'm sorry, father. But my mind is set. I'm going to serve as a soldier, fighting the Demons, and protecting our Country from anyone who dares to take it from us. Outraged, Tarlan quickly stands up, slamming a fist on the table."You're never going to join the Gargoyle army! It's to dangerous! You're going to be a armor smith, just like your father, and you are going to like it!" Oberon begins to feel tears in his eyes, as he quickly gets up to and storms out of the house. He heads out to Zekes house, where he spends the night."So your old man didn't like the idea?" Zeke asks, after hearing the story Oberon told him."No man. By the looks of things i'll never get to be a soldier." Oberon lets out a loud yawn, and lays on Zekes floor."I still have to crack the news to my dad. And hearing how yours reacted, I don't know if how its going to turn out." Zeke also lets out a loud yawn, before turning out the lights, and going to sleep.

Two weeks have gone by, with no word of the Gargoyle army that was sent out to go capture one of the Demon's forts. This worried many, wondering what could have possible have happen to them. However, to everyone else the days are still routine. Especially for Oberon. Wake up, go to school, come back home, do homework, and hangout with his friends. He hasn't seen his father ever sense their argument, and hes happy that way. Finally though there has been word that the army is coming to return. quickly people began to make signs to greet their heroes who are returning back to make them feel welcome and honored to return. To celebrate their victory. Only their was nothing to celebrate that day. The Gargoyle army returning, who was lead by General Cyrus was nearly crushed. Even the general didn't return. He was killed with the majority of his men on the battle field. The ones that did return still are in shock from the battle, some missing body parts, other covered in blood from their fallen comrades. Oberon and his friends saw this, but instead of causing them to become scared to join the army, it only made their urges to join even more. they began to slowly grow hate for the Demons. they practiced and trained together every day, waiting for the day when they will join the Gargoyle army.

Oberon was 18 when the day came. He walked into the living room, and told his mom."Mother... I'ts time for me to go. I'm going to join the Gargoyle armies, and crush the any Demon who dare to stands in my way." Martha, only saw hatred in her sons eyes, knowing that his mind was set and there was no way to talk him out of it."Just promise me... That you will return son." She says, started to cry. She lunges forward, and hugs Oberon, crying on his shoulder. Oberon hugs her back, resting his chin on her shoulder."I will mom. I will return to you. I promise." When he finally leaves his house, he is greeted by someone he hasn't seen in 2 years. His father. Oberon walks up to him. There's a long pause of silence, both of them just staring each other in the eyes."I'm going to miss you son." Tarlan says, showing no sign of tears in his eyes."I'm going to miss you too father." Oberon says, trying to show no emotion as well, trying to hide any tears from coming out. They both look at each other for a while again, then hug. Finally, Oberon leaves his house and goes to meet up with his friends, Zeke, and Clovis. They all have duffel bags, filled with their clothes and personal items. They head to the Gargoyle sign up barracks, where they will spend the first part of their adventure as soldiers.

Part 2: War
"Five more laps!" Oberon heard his drill instructor roar across the track, in the pooring rain. It was Oberons second week in the training camp with his friends Zeke, and Clovis, and many other Gargoyles. This place has been total hell for Oberon. Not only did he get on a bad start with his drill instructor, but the conditioning and training was nothing like anything him and his friends did back home. They just practiced with sticks, and would do the occasional jog, lifting weights, and core exercises. Here, everything is so much more difficult and harder. On the first day, Oberon thought that the drill instructor was a guy, so he used the term, 'sir' around her. Not only did she immediately punch Oberon in the gut, but made the whole unit in his cabin run 3 miles, while Oberon watched. That made it a very hard time for him to make friends."Last lap!" Oberon was just on the last stretch of his last lap, finishing before everyone else. He always had a knack for agility and stamina, but."Were done for the day Oberon. Go back to your barracks and get some rest. Tomorrow we start learning how to use a war axe." Mady(the drill instructor) lets out an evil grin after wards. Oberon heads to his barracks, throwing off his wet clothes and letting them dry in the bathroom. He puts on a nice pair of warm pajamas before heading into his bunk, falling asleep almost instantly.

Oberon was woken up in the middle of the night from a hard jerk."Oberon... psst, Oberon. Wake up." Oberon slowly opens his eyes, looking to see what disrupted his sleep. It was his friend, Zeke."Go back to sleep." Oberon mumbles, putting the covers over his head and shifting to the other side of the bed, showing Zeke his back."Come check it out, bro! We have a radio!" Oberons ears perk at the sound of this, instantly getting up."You better not be mess-" He was cut off."No man, i'm serious. Come down." In the barracks, radios are forbidden to be here. The Commanders here don't want the recruits to hear anything about the war. They don't want stories on the radios to scare them off, making them quit and leave. As Oberon climbed down from his bunk he sees a group of people, all huddled around a tiny box in the middle. Oberon hops down to join in on the conversation over the radio."Week 6 in the war. Nothing good has came to the Gargoyles yet, as we still continue to lose battles over in the underworld. Thousands of soldiers dying everyday trying to gain more land in the underworld. All for what? We don't need that land! The council is leading us to our doom! They are slowly sending our armies to their deaths, making us vulnerable! If they were smart they would ke-" Everyone turns around as they hear the barracks door get kicked open. four armed Gargoyle soldiers rush in, followed by Maddy."What do you all think you're doing!" She roars."You all know the punishment for listening to a radio in the barracks!" All of them sadly shake their heads."Well pack your stuff then, and get ready for war." She says, looking a little bit depressed though. The penalty for listening to a radio in the barracks without permission, is being sen out to one of the Gargoyle armies for war, trained or not. Its basically a death sentence because everyone knows that you won't survive without the proper training. Oberon sadly gets his stuff, ready to get shipped off to war.

Oberon and Zeke were both deployed into General Godricks army. General Godrick was a born for battle and war. He was heartless and had a face of pure stone. He has many scares on his face from the countless battles he has fought in. He was by far the toughest General in the Gargoyle army. Oberon and Zeke were both bunked together. They haven't seen Clovis, in 4 weeks, ever since they were kicked out of Gargoyle training camp. In General Godricks army, they still trained, but it was a lot harder then the training in their old camp. And because they never got to finish it was just twice as hard. Most of the soldiers in this army were full grown, battleborn, men. Making Oberon and Zeke look puny and weak. Which they were compared to everyone else. One day while Oberon and Zeke were in their bunk, a soldier came into their room."General Godrick wants to see you two." He says in a stern voice, leaving after the message."I wonder what we did this time." Zeke says with a sigh."Were going to be fine. He just probably wants to talk to us about the last battle strategy lesson to make sure we understand it." Oberon says, as they both start walking to the Generals tent."You're probably right." Zeke says with a reassuring smile. They both enter General Godricks tent at the same time, both standing straight up and at attention."You requested us, General?" Oberon asks, with a firm voice."Yes." The General says, putting his maps down that he was studying. He stands up, exposing his huge bulk and battle scars on him. He has a long slash that goes all the way down his arm, that he got while fighting in a battle with Orcs. He has long, smooth dark hair that he keeps in a ponytail. He has blue battle armor on, with blue boots to match it. There's a giant long sword that is strapped all the way down his back. He starts to circle the two much smaler young men."Tomorrow, we go out to battle to capture a Demon Fort." He says, letting the words sink into the two young men."And I don't want you two getting in my men's way. You two aren't even close for a real battle, and you most likely won't survive. But, in that small amount of time you two do live, don't get in the way." He says with a rough growl."Now leave my tent, and assemble the men so I can announce the news.

And so the day came, when Oberon and Zeke walked down the very same street 7 years ago when they were watching from the side. Only this time, they were in the middle of the street walking down the cheering streets in their battle armor, and battle axes strapped by their sides. They walked down the street, occasionally waving, smiling, showing no sign of fear. But deep inside, Oberon was terrified to march down the road, to the underworld."So this is what it feels like to be a soldier..." Zeke says miserably."It sucks." Oberon plainly says, not making it anything special. They finally leave the city, marching down there countryside farms. When they finally pass the farms, the General gives out the 'halt' signal."We are about to cross into the human world! There, we will summon the portal and cross into the underworld! We will fly down to a desert somewhere in the human world. If anyone sees you, kill them" He says plainly." Oberon gulps at such a cruel order. But, it has to be. They all shift into Gargoyle form, and fly down from the heavens, to the human planet. Eventually they arrive at a desert at 3 A.M. They met no one while in the human world. Oberon was relieved. Then General Godrick summoned the portal, ordering everyone to enter. No one argued with the General, as they all entered upon the portal. Once they arrived inside, they were in the underworld. A world of death and despair. There were dead corpses everywhere you looked, skeletons also."March!" the General ordered. They begain to march through the underworld. The sky was blood red, the clouds a lighter shade of red. There were mountains everywhere and craters full of lava everywhere you look. Mutated/radiated stray hounds run around, looking for any spare food. The whole place was just death. No plants, trees, or water anywhere. After a while of marching, the General gives the 'halt' signal once more."The fort is half a mile up ahead!" He shouted. Right now they were behind a giant boulder."Once you cross this boulder, get ready for the fight of your life!" He looks at his army, with an approving look."It has been an honor serving you men!" He says, letting out a pause."CHAAARGE!" The General roars, followed by everyone else yelling. The roars of everyone began to shake the ground, and as soon as the general flew, taking off towards the fort, everyone flew behind him."This is it. No more training. No more sparring partners. This is the real thing." He takes a deep breath, and charges out into the battle field.

Oberon flew, making sure to stay by Zeke's side at all times, Zeke doing the same thing. They say a giant red fort, with catapults in the fronts, starting to unleash big rocks on fire towards the flying gargoyles. Many got hit, falling to their death, shouting out in pain and misery. Oberon began to feel a little scared at the signs of so many deaths and screaming, of dying men. However, he finally arrived at the fort with Zeke. As soon as he lands on the walls of the fort, he looks down, seeing a giant open lot filled with Demons below, jumping up on the walls slicing the attacking Gargoyles. Oberon and Zeke begin slashing and killing any incoming Demon's, swinging as hard as they can, making sure to wipe them out in one hit. As Oberon cuts a Demon in half, he begins to look around the battle field. He sees... Hes not sure what he sees. Only thing in sight is Gargoyles and Demons getting cut up and sliced to pieces, blood and body parts flying all over the area. The screams of pain pierce Oberon's ear drums causing him to become light headed. Then in his train of thought a Demon comes up to him with a over hand swing with its long sword. Oberon quickly slashes him under the stomach, killing the Demon before it can begin its full swing. The Demon's blood squirts all over Oberon's armor. He quickly looks for his friend Zeke, wondering where he went while he was on his train of thoughts."Zeke!" He yells, cutting his way through the Demon's searching for his friend."Zeeeke!" He looks ahead, seeing Zeke fighting two Demons at the same time."Zeke!" He quickly flies over to his friend. As he begins his flight though he gets tackled to the ground by a Demon. The Demon slashes Oberon on the arm, causing him to let out a loud scream. Oberon lifts up his war axe and slashes at the Demons head, decapitating it. Oberon quickly gets up, to go and assist his friend. But by then it was to late. Zeke managed to kill both Demons, but in return his swinging arm was wounded, making him useless accept for his claws. Two more Demons jump out onto Zeke. Zeke slashes one in the head, killing it. But as he turns to fight the other one, its to late. The Demon slashes him in the gut, causing Zeke to fall to his knees, blood gushing out of his stomach."NOOOO!" Oberon lets out a roar of rage, quickly flying over to his friend, swinging so hard and viciously at the Demon that killed Zeke, that the other half of the Demons body flies across the battle field."Zeke..." Oberon, lets out a soft sniffle, as tears begin to run down his face. He falls to his knees also, catching Zeke before he falls on the ground."O-...Oberon?" He says, coughing out blood."It's me Zeke. Don't worry, you're going to be fine. I'll bring you to a medic and they will stitch you up. Don't worry it will be okay!" Oberon says, trying to reassure his friend that he will still live."I don't know man... I'm kind of tired. Might need to get some sleep."Zeke says in such a soft voice its almost unhearable."No! Don't sleep! Please stay awake." Oberon feels the tears rushing down his face now."Oberon... I want you to do me a favor." He says."Anything, Zeke." Oberon sniffs."Tell my parents, they were right and that I love them so much." Zeke says."Don't talk like that man, you're going to make it!" Oberon says, choking up on his tears."Oberon... I want you... To..." He says, slowly flickering his eyes."What... What?!" Oberon asks."Kick some ass." He says, smiling at Oberon, before dying in his arms."Zeke... Zeke?! ZEKE!" Oberon starts bawling on Zekes armor, resting his head there. But then Oberon hears a Demon screaming, and running at him. Oberon quickly gets up and turns around. He puts Zekes body on the ground before quickly slicing the enemy in half. He remembers what zeke said, right before he died.'Kick some ass'. Oberon closes his eyes for a second,"I will Zeke..." Then violently opens them, showing nothing but rage and hate inside. The rest of the battle he violently sliced and destroyed every enemy he saw, and him and his force successfully took over the enemy fort, causing the Gargoyles to finally have their first win in the war. General Godrick noticed Oberon's fierce compation on the battle field, and approached him after the fight."Oberon." Oberon stands at attention, sheathing his war axe."General." The General studies Oberon, seeing the blood all over him."I like it Oberon. You proved me wrong today son. You proven to me that you are more capable fighter then I imagined. You fought better then most of the full grown warriors here today. That says something knowing this was your first battle ever, and at such a young age. I see a bright future ahead of you son. A very bright future. You remind me of me when I was your age." And with that, the General leaves. Oberon knew that the General barely gave compliments. So a large amount of pride rushes through Oberon's body. Reinforcement arrived to hold the fort, and Oberon and the army he was in returned home with General Godrick, to get congratulated from his Country, and the council.

The walk home was ten times more excited then the walk leaving. He feels butterflies in his stomach as he walks down the road of the great cities road to greet the three councilmen. Apparently the councilmen are going to award a few soldiers who showed there valiance and strength on the battle field today... As he walks down the road though, he feels an emptiness in his body. He quickly realizes what it is as he turns to his side, and sees some other happy soldier waving. Not, Zeke. He lets out a sigh, and tries to shake it off as he puts a smile on his face and waves to everyone. They finally arrive at the front of the Gargoyal castle, where the 3 councilmen stand in the grand staircases that go up to the castle. Councilmen Aracius and Bricius, both standing behind councilmen Appius, who has a servant holding a dark purplish pillow with 3 bright, shiny medals on it. General Godricks army stands in front of the staircase. Behind them, is every other single Gargoyle, almost in the Country cheering them on."Citizens..." A loud booming microphone reaches out all around, hushing everyone there."Today, is a great day in Gargoyle history. As we have won our first victory over the Demons in the war!" A loud screaming cheer erupts from the crowd, causing Oberon and others to go deaf for a minute."However! We would of never had this great victory, without three great Gargoyles! They will be announced now!" Everyone goes mute."General, Godrick!" Everyone screams and cheers, stomping their feet as the Generals name is announced. The General is very popular with the people, for his known victories all over different battles of different wars. He has fought in more wars then people can count. The crowd begins to shout his name."GOD-RICK! GOD-RICK! GOD-RICK!" He walks up the staircase to retrieve his medal. Him and the councilmen exchange a few words but no one is able to hear. Godrick stands off to the side, waiting to hear the other two that will be announced."Heracleitus!" Councilmen Appius shouts, as the crowd goes absolutely nuts at the name. A huge man steps forward, standing at 6'5 with nothing but bulk all over."Has been promoted to commander!" the councilmen says. everyone goes nuts and cheers, and stomps, clapping for their hero. Heracleitus and the councilmen exchange words, but again no one hears."And finally... A new face to the Gargoyle army. Someone who everyone lost all faith in. Someone who everyone thought had a 1 in 100 thought in surviving the battle, but pulled through, killing more Demon's then anyone. Oberon!" The crowd screams wildly at the name of a new face, a new hero into their Country. Oberon, is shocked and frozen in his spot from astonishment. His fellow comrades laugh and push him forward."Come on! hurry up!" His fellow men laugh as they encourage him up to the stage. Oberon starts to walk up the staircase to the councilmean."O-BER-ON! O-BER-ON! O-BER-ON!" The crowd shouts his name, causing him to turn and wave, which makes the crowd even more crazy. The General snickers and laughs to himself."Rookie." He says in a joking matter. Oberon is face to face with councilmen Appius"I'm proud of you, my son. Take this medal in the gratitude of myself, and your country." He says in a gentle smile. He picks up a medal with a golden figure of a Gargoyle kill a Demon. Behind the medal it says, 'War Hero'."Thank you councilmen" Oberon says, with a slight bow. He walks over to the three lined up men."My children...Your heroes!"

2 years has gone by now in the Demon and Gargoyle year. Throughout the years of brutal combat, Oberon earned the rank of Commander, earning General Godricks second in command position in his army. Over the years they slowly began to become really good friends."I got 38" Oberon says to the General, who lets out a slight laugh." I got 59" Oberon swear under his breath."I would of swore I had more then you that time!" The General starts to laugh."Not today, sonny. Maybe some other day. However, I noticed you fight with the same rage and fury you fought like on your first battle. I liked it." The General says smiling. However, the thought of his first battle makes flashbacks flood through his mind, as he watches his friend getting cut in the gut, watching his blood go all over his armor, watching him die right in Oberons arms. The General looks at Oberon with censer eyes."Ya know the best way to move on is to forget about it. Trust me. I know" Oberon lets out a loud moan."How do I forget about that moment though! How! Its impossible!" The General sighs."You never did tell me what happened that day" Oberon looks at him. He has never told anyone about that day. Doesn't know if he should now."My Best frie-" He was cut off by a shouting Soldier."Sir! Enemies from the West!" Oberon readies his war axe."Looks like i'll have to tell you later."

Something was different about this battle. Something in the air just felt different to Oberon in the heavens, at their fort. The Demon's attacked the walls, with much more organized attacks then usual. Normally the Demon's charge blindly across the battle field just killing whatever they see. But this was not the case this time. This time there attacks were much more organized, and they quickly invade the walls, entering the courtyard attack Oberon and the General. They quickly begin the fight, but then a god awful, loud, deep roar can be heard. Oberon looks up to see a absolutely horrible sight. Dredd. He jumps over the wall, smashing Gargoyles like flies. Oberon knew someone has to stop him. And that someone was, Oberon. He flew at, Dredd with great speed, cutting his leg before Dredd saw it coming. He lets out a loud roar as he feels the pain shoot up through his giant, built body. He looks up over at Oberon."You must be the one they call, Oberon" He says snickering."Why don't you come and find out?" Oberon says, challenging him. He flies in again for another attack, but gets backhanded into a wall, getting light headed. He quickly looks up to see the charging Dredd, ready to smash Oberon with his war hammer. Oberon quickly uses his power, summoning 7 daggers, flying them into the gut of the unexpected Dredd. He let out another roar of pain, staggering backwards letting his guard down. Oberon takes advantaged of this as he flies up and slashes Dredd across the face, causing his eye to start gushing blood."You little *CENSORED*! I'm going to kill you!" He quickly charges at Oberon, ignoring the 7 light daggers inside him. Oberon, with wide eyes quickly jump out of the way, but gets grabbed by the leg and getting slammed into the wall. He gets hit right in the head once more, and begins to feel very light headed, as his vision starts to fade. He sees Dredd walking up to him, about to squish him. But Oberon is to weak to move. He sits there.. Waiting. Then he sees a light blast fire into Dredd, launching him away from Oberon into a wall. General Godrick is in his face all of a sudden."Oberon! Are you okay? We have to go! were the last ones! We have to go." However, Oberon was in no condition to move."Leave me, General. Go back Get reinforcements. I'll be here." Oberon mumbles, slowly starting to lose vision."I'm not leaving you!" The General shouts, killing a Demon trying to creep up on them."General! Leave! I'll be fine! Please Go! Now!" The General sees the seriousness in Oberon's eyes, and quickly flies away, leaving the unconscious Oberon alone.

Oberon slowly starts to wake up, being dragged in what seems to be a dark alley."Hurry up! how hard is it to carry him!" Dredd shouts at a Demon."Get out of the way, I'll do it." Oberon feels his self get abruptly grabbed."Now summon the portal to go to the human world, so then we can go back to the underworld!" Oberon hears Dredd command. All of a sudden a portal appears, and they dive in. But something messes up when Oberon goes in the portal..."Wait! where is he going?" Oberon hears Dredd yell."Why Isn't he coming with us?! What happ-" His voice was cutoff. And Next thing you know, Oberon is in mid flight through the human world clouds, flying through the sky. Only one problem. He wasn't in Gargoyle form and couldn't transform... However, he is still tired and light headed, and it hasn't really processed yet that hes flying through the sky. Next thing he knows, THUMP!

Part 3: Human Life
"Uggg. Where am I" Oberon ask's his self. He slowly begins to get up, with the worst headach ever. As he gets up, he realizes that he is in a dumpster."What am I doing here..." He gets out of the dumpster and makes his way through the alley he is in."Whats going on..." He starts to walk down the alley, and then hes on the streets, walking around in nothing but a cloth on. He has cuts with blood dripping down them, and bruises all over. He hears his stomach grumble."God I'm starving... What was I doing?" Oberon ask's his self. Its night time out and no one else is on the streets. Oberon falls on the ground, exhausted, just laying there. All of a sudden he hears a voice."My Dear! Son, are you okay?" Oberon lets out a low grumbling noise."Get up, Dear. Get up. Youre coming with me." And He faints again.

Oberon wakes up in a soft white bed, in gym shorts on, but still shirtless. All his cuts and bruises are bandaged, and he sees a warm bowl of soup and bread on a night stand next to the bed. He slowly starts to get up, feeling soreness all over his body. He see's a women walk into the room."Look who finally woke up." Shes says with a gentle smile. She sits on the bed down by the end."So... Whats your name?" Oberon looks at her confused, not having any Idea what his name might be."I... I don't know." He says miserably, looking down on his lap."Hmm So you don't remember anything, huh?" Oberon looks up with a worn down face."Nothing, not a thing." The women smiles sweetly."Well you can stay here as long as you need!" Oberon looks at her happily and nods, drinking the soup. Over the weeks, Oberon begins to stay at Wendys house, his foster mom who took him in. She decided to name him Chaz, sense he had no idea what his real name was. Chaz went to school here in East district, meeting many new kids. Including, Damon. Oberon and Damon became really good friends, both having surfing in comman, and many other things. They both surf with each other during the weekends when not doing schoolwork. Oberon started a job also as a life guard, where he can spend his time on the beaches, where he met Blake. His life guard partner. They're pretty good friends, occasionally hanging out when not on their job. All was going good For Oberon.

It was one day on the beach when he met... Her. Oberon and Damon were surfing when they saw two babes on the beach. Oberon instantly wanted to get to know the blond better the second he layed eyes on here. He told Damon."Hey bro, lets go talk to those two girls?" Oberon asks his friend, knowing that he wouldn't turn him down."Yea sure!" Damon says, as they both walk up to them. Avery was her name. The name of the girl he loved. They hung out for the whole day, and hung out for the whole next day. They slowly began to fall for each other. Then the third day was when they told each others feelings for each other, and they kissed. Officially becoming a couple. They talked all the time at school, and all the time out of school. But Oberon still found time for his friends and job. One day at school however, when Oberon was with Blake, they saw a new kid. Named Benny. Kids were making fun of him and calling him names. Oberon hated seeing bullying. He quickly encountered the crowd and told them to stop, and leave the kid alone. Everyone decided it was time to go anyways."So, whats your name?" Oberon asked as he walked home with the kid."Benny." They started talking about Benny's old school, and how he wasn't very popular. Oberon offered to help teach him to surf, while Benny offered to tutor Oberon. He gladly accepted.

Everything was perfect in, Oberon;s life. Everything going well, and everything going nice, until one night, when everything changed. He was walking home late at night from Avery's house when he got attacked. Now, living in East District as a teenager he heard rumors of, 'Vampires'. But Oberon never believed in that stuff. But one night, he found out he was wrong. He was walking home when all of a sudden he saw something at the corner of the street... Waiting for him. Oberon felt a little bit nervous walking towards some shady figure staring at him this time of the night."Hey bud, what are you looking at?" Oberon shouts. Silence."What are you doing over there?!" Silence. Then, it came at Oberon with great speed."What the hell!" Oberon shouted trying to jump out of the way, but was to slow. He gets thrown into the a wall, hitting his head hard. Then, that's when he remembered."Oberon." He says to his self. Then a police cruiser drives by, scaring off the vampire."Hey kid you alright?" Oberon starts get little flash backs of a very old looking man giving him a medal, and people chanting his name."Kid!" The cop shouts, bringing him back to reality."Oh uh sorry!, yes I'm alright, thanks officer! Just trying to get home!" And Oberon begins his walk home. When he arrives, Wendy was asleep. He knew what he had to do. He packed his things, and left Wendy and all his friends heading to West Distric, Searching for his memories. Searching, for his true self.

Gargoyle Acquaintances

Zeke: Oberon's best friend in his home country, both sharing the same dream ever sense they were kids of becoming soldiers in the Gargoyle army. Zeke has dark brown hair,with the same colored eyes to match it. He has a muscular build and is really quick. Him and Oberon could tell each other everything and not worry about them telling that to anyone else. Zeke is a good kid, always doing as told, and doing it right. Last time Oberon saw him, he was killed in their first battle. Or so he thought...

Clovis[/i: Clovis has long smooth blond hair and brown eyes. Pretty small for his age, about 5'8 but he replaces it with his muscular build. Met Oberon at a park when they were kids, and both had dreams of becoming soldiers. Oberon lost contact with Clovis as soo as they were separated in Gargoyle training camp, never having contact him again. Doesn't know if alive or dead.

[i]Martha[/i: Oberon's mother. Has light green hair and hazel eyes. Oberon got his looks from his mom. She has always been proud of him and happy about him ever since he was born. The best thing that has ever happened to her life. She has never seen her son sense the day he decided to be a soldier, however she has heard of his success. But the news of his disappearance at a Gargoyle fort has broken her heart, causing her to cry for months.

: Oberon's father. He has dark, black curly hair, and eyes to match it. Has has a very muscular build from working the forges, but in great shape. Was disappointed at his son from the news of him wanting to become a soldier, but that was quickly changed as soon as he found out his son was a hero. However, he is sad, and secretly hiding his depressed feelings for his missing son, hoping one day he would return to him ever sense the last time he saw him.

Human Acquaintances:

Damon Jackson: Has blond hair and blue eyes, tan and is muscular, 20 years old. Normally will find him shirtless and in a bathing suit with slides. Is a surfer, spends all his time on the beach with him and friends. Is Oberon's best friend in East District, they used to spend all day on the beach. They could tell each other everything and trust each other with everything. Damon's been depressed and in a droopy mood ever since Oberon's, mysterious Disappearance. Doesn't know Oberon is in West. However, Damon takes monthly visits to the coliseum every third Saturday to see a good old fashioned fight to the death.

Blake steel: Dark black, silky, shiny hair, with eyes that match the color. Is 20 years old. Tan, muscular, and will always be found on the beach. Used to be Oberon's partner when they worked as lifeguards together. Mischievous and tricky. has a wise guy personality, but his friends never take it serious because everyone know Blake is a class clown. Blake and Oberon always got in trouble together at school and work, but never anything serious. Is also sad about, Oberon's disappearance, but is slowly getting over it.

Wendy Walker: Has strawberry red hair, and blue eyes. Was Oberon's foster mom. She is 34 years old, found Oberon wondering the street all by himself with cuts and bruises all over him, a hungry stomach, and barely any clothing. She took him in for the night, feeding and clothing him. She attended his wounds caring and gently. She is a nurse at the hospital of East District. After a few days, finding out the boy knew nothing about his past, she named him and took him in as one of her own. Is still weeping over the the lost of her son.

Benny Styles: Has brown hair, and brown eyes. Short and stubby, but not very fat. Gets made fun of by most kids and doesn't have a lot of friends. His main friend however is, Oberon. Oberon was always nice and kind to Benny, treating him with respect and never calling him names. Oberon would try to teach him to surf and play sports. In return, Benny would tutor him and help with any problem he could. Oberon always made Benny feel special, like he had a purpose, so he is still crying and moping about his disappearance. However, he also hits up the coliseum every so often, watching the intense gladiator/super fights.

Avery Madison: Has soft, straight brown hair, with hazel eyes. She loves to go swimming and hang out with Oberon and her friends at the beach. She was Oberon's girl friend, and still would be until his sudden disappearance, causing her to become heart broken. They would always go to the beach, movies, and all social events together. They were known as the 'couple of the year' at the high school they attended. They met at the beach, both falling for each other that day. Oberon has the occasional thought of her know and then when he see's a beautiful girl in West District, but not enough to slow him down.

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